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A platform for authors to sell ebooks & connect with readers

Nobody is a stranger

Areoboooks is a community focused ebooks store for indie authors.

Not every ebook store is the same, and Areobooks certainly stands out. It takes the audience engagement element to the whole new level. Areobooks is the first e-book store that puts authors in direct communication with their readers, making the book experience much more interactive and engaging.


Areobooks is also very simple. Both, for authors to publish their books and for readers to purchase and upload books onto their digital devices.


YouTeam helped to crystallize the product Unique Value Proposition (UVP), shape the business model, and advised on the UX. We managed the collaboration of all stakeholders and partners, while providing our consultancy all the way to the shipping of the final product. Our partner TEAM/Qubstudio designed simple and elegant UI, while TEAM/Techmagic recommended great technology choices and developed the product.

Areobooks TEAM:

  • Andri Grushestky

    Product Manager Andri Grushestky

  • Den Slisarchuk

    UX/UI Designer Den Slisarchuk

  • Sergiy Karelov

    Web Developer Sergiy Karelov

  • Georgiy Isopenko

    QA Engineer Georgiy Isopenko

Collaborative Advisors Panel:

  • Andri Grushestky

    Business Models Yuriy Riphyak

  • Lubomyr Koval

    User Experience Lubomyr Koval

  • Oleg Dats

    Technology Oleg Dats

“A very impressive team who are responsive, professional and who delivered a fantastic end product. They took everything off my plate and made the whole process very simple! Exactly what you need. The key benefits for me were:
(1) Cost - I can't think of another agency that provides the same breadth and level of service as YouTeam for such a competitive price.
(2) London - having an office / employees in London is a huge benefit as I know I can pop in and see them at a moment's notice.
(3) Thoughtful advice - probably the aspect I have benefitted from the most is the advice YouTeam have given me, both in terms of the product we are building and the way in which we are building it.”



It’s not goodbye

Collaborating with Piers was a pure delight. We are wishing him success with building a vibrant community around his platform. YouTeam will continue to support Areobooks on its journey in every way.

Design by
Development by
  • UX/UI designer
  • Web developer
  • Product manager
  • QA
  • Business model and Product Vision: 2 weeks
  • Wireframes & visual concept: 3 weeks
  • UI Design: 2 weeks
  • Web development: 5 weeks
  • Testing: 2 weeks
  • Complete product in 6 months
  • Python
  • Django
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • stripe