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Except for Facebook, the following apps are written with React Native:

Skype. Skype has recently released a completely new React Native version accompanied by the iOS and Android mobile apps. As per Skype developers website, Skype is now one of the largest React Native applications in the world.

Instagram. The Instagram dev team integrated React Native into their existing native app, starting from the Push Notifications view and continuing with the Photos Of, Post Promote, photo saving, comment moderation, and lead gen ads features.

Tesla. The world’s most known manufacturer of electric cars used React Native to build the app for electric car owners. The app diagnoses the vehicle and partially helps to control it with a smartphone.

If you are in search of a React Native development company for outsourcing the development of a mobile app for your project, please take a look at the list below. These are our top trusted partners who would be happy to collaborate with you. We will give a brief overview of each company and showcase their most remarkable React Native projects. Please note that the order of the companies does not affect their ranking.

List of top 10 react native development companies – YouTeam Editors’ Choice

CompanyLocationTechnology Focus
S-PROKyiv, UkraineWeb development, mobile development, UI/UX design, technical support services.
JustCodedKharkiv, UkrainePHP frameworks, CMS/E-commerce solutions, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, cross-platform apps. 
ElekenKyiv, UkraineMobile design, web design, web development, responsive design, iOS development, iOS design, product design.
ParrolabsMedellin, ColombiaWeb development, mobile development, design, digital marketing services.
Golux TechnologiesBelgrade, SerbiaWeb development, Ruby on Rails, front end, design, PHP, Laravel, Ruby, JavaScript, Internet of Things, mobile development, React, React Native, back end.
SpringsKyiv, UkraineWeb development, mobile development, IT strategy consulting. 
ApikoTernopil, Ukrainemarketplace development, web & mobile development, MVP development, QA & testing, UX / UI design, R & D.
MCROCluj-Napoca, RomaniaReact, React Native, AngularJS, Sencha / ExtJS, iOS, Android. 
Corner Case TechnologiesVilnius, LithuaniaSoftware systems, mobile apps, web development, and product management.
RelevantLviv, UkraineSoftware development, quality assurance, business analysis, UI/UX design, business process automation, SaaS, gamification, product development, web/mobile app development.

Check the whole list of React Native dev teams available on YouTeam:

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#1. S-PRO

S-PRO logo

Based in Ukraine, S-PRO provides the web / mobile development, UI / UX design, and technical support services, with the mission to help people turn their ideas into successful startups. Founded in 2014, the company has grown its staff to 200 employees, including the highly professional software developers across the most demanded technology stacks. S-PRO has completed 10 major projects.

Featured Project: Breakout

Breakout application

Breakout is the most popular app for managing ice hockey teams in Canada. Currently, nearly 15K players from over 1K teams and 14 leagues use the app. Breakout also acts as a social network for hockey professionals. The users can access the events, teams, available players and collect team fees with one click. The S-PRO team built a web and cross-platform mobile app by using the following technology stack: JavaScript, PHP 7, Angular.js, Apigility, Zend Framework 2.4, React Native, AWS, and Apache2.

Featured Project: Minute7

Minute7 preview

Minute7 is a time and expense tracking tool for self employed people, which enables its users to manage and automate their working process on Android and iOS devices. The S-PRO team developed the cross-platform mobile app in 1.5 months from scratch by using the JavaScript, React Native, and MobX technologies.

#2. JustCoded

JustCoded logo

JustCoded is a web development company that has been building digital web products in the fintech, real estate, luxury, travel, and art industries since 2007. The company builds development teams both for the startups and established businesses. Since 2014 after becoming a certified development partner of Crowd Valley, JustCoded has focused on fintech solutions for a range of startups and enterprise-level clients in the UK and Europe including crowdfunding, P2P lending and other types of investment platforms.

Featured Project: JustNews React Native App

JustNews React Native App

JustNews is a React Native application that shows a list of news gained from REST API.

#3. Eleken

Eleken logo

Eleken is a Ukrainian software development company that has been on the market since 2014. The company specializes in mobile design, web design, web development, responsive design, iOS development, iOS design, and product design for startups. Eleken helps its clients to grow the product idea from a sketch to a fully functional product.

Featured Project: Alarcity


Alacrity is a React Native powered app that helps its users to deal with the productivity problems and optimize their efficiency at work. The app enables its users to plan their daily work load more efficiently by tracking the peak energy, focus, and motivation hours.

Featured Project: Cafe & Restaurant Loyalty App (under NDA)

The app enables the cafe visitors to get awards for the points they receive after paying at certain public places. Developed for Arabic market, the app supports both the English and Arabic languages. Based on the user’s geolocation, the app shows the nearest cafes that participate in the program. The Eleken team used the React Native, MongoDB, and Node.js technologies for the project.

#4. Parrolabs

Parrolabs logo

Founded in 2015 in Colombia, today Parrolabs is one of the best web development companies in entire Latin America. The company received awards from Clutch.co, Top Interactive Agencies, Designrush.com, and CV Magazine Technology Innovator Awards. Parrolabs specializes in React Native and Ruby On Rails and delivers the web / mobile development, design, and digital marketing services.

Featured Project: Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts application

Parrolabs implemented the mobile app for the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts shops. The app users can locate the nearest shop and find out when the doughnuts are ready and are out of the oven. When the Krispy Kreme doughnuts are ready, the employees turn on the lights in a shop. These lights are synced with the app, so the app users can get instant information that now their favorite fresh doughnuts are available. The users can also participate in a loyalty program – for example, they can get a free doughnut or coffee in case they sign up with the app.

#5. Golux Technologies

Golux Technologies logo

Golux Technologies is a digital creative agency based in Belgrade, Serbia. Founded in 2016, the company specializes in web development, Ruby on Rails, front end, design, PHP, Laravel, Ruby, JavaScript, Internet of Things, mobile development, React, React Native, and back end. The Golux team can build products from scratch as well as improve and maintain the existing solutions.

Featured Project: Fresh Off the Grill

Fresh Off the Grill application

This software solution provides its users with information about the hot grill available in nearby restaurants. The grill restaurant managers can update the status and let their customers know when the grilled meat is ready. After that, the users can instantly see that update on the map in the app. The project is now at the MVP stage. The team was using the following technology stack: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, React, React Native, Firebase, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Featured Project: Coin Market Notifier

Coin Market Notifier

With this app, the users can track every step that they do with their cryptocurrencies. The users are then informed when the prices go higher or lower. They can also track, add, withdraw, buy, sell and transfer transactions, to be aware how much they have in their local currency. To implement the project, the team was using the following technology stack: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, React, React Native, Firebase, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Featured Project: Ryfi Kid Portal

Ryfi Kid Portal application

With this app, the parents can control the internet time of their children and thus teach them to better organize their time. The team implemented this project with the Ruby on Rails, MySQL, React, React Native, Firebase, HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript technologies.

#6. Springs

Springs logo

Established in 2015 in Kyiv, Ukraine, Springs is a web and mobile development company that helps the startups reach their goals at each stage of the cycle, from fundraising to marketing. The company’s rich portfolio includes projects in the following sectors: blockchain, e-commerce, human resources, logistics, marketplaces, real estate, sales & marketing automation, and transportation. 

Featured Project: Validate


Validate is a survey app that Springs created for Solcius, a company that sells solar energy systems. The app helps the sales representatives to validate the data that they receive. The app also has a face detection feature for those who fill in the surveys. Springs used React Native to build the iOS and Android versions of the app. Other technologies in the project stack were PHP, MySQL, LetsEncrypt, Microsoft Cognitive Services, SurveyJS, and Redux.

Featured Project: GoRhino

GoRhino application

GoRhino is a discount aggregator app that includes the geolocation features, discounting system, payment system integration, and categorization. The app helps its users find the nearby restaurants, movie theaters, car rentals, and other establishments that offer attractive discounts. To build the product, Springs used the React Native, Expo, and Redux technologies.

Featured Project: Gong (under NDA)

This Uber-like app helps the drivers find urgent help on the road. The users can send assistance requests to other drivers nearby via the app and award those drivers for help. Actually, the project consists of four apps: two apps for iOS and two apps for Android. The technology stack includes React Native, PHP, LetsEncrypt, PostgreSQL, Stripe API, and Google Maps API.

#7. Apiko

Apiko logo

Founded in Tallinn, Estonia, Apiko has been delivering the software development solutions for the B2B, B2C, and P2P marketplaces since 2014. The company provides the services on marketplace development, web & mobile development, MVP development, QA & testing, UX / UI design, and R & D. Apiko’s technology stack includes React Native, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, GraphQL, MeteorJS, and Apollo.

Featured Project: HealthcareApp

HealthcareApp application

HealthcareApp is a medical mobile application that allows the doctors to monitor the state of their patients with the help of live video / audio calls and text messages. The app can be integrated with weight scales, blood pressure monitors, finger pulse oximeters, and thermometers. Apiko used the following technology stack for the project: Node.js, React Native, WebRTC, and BLE.

Featured Project: Itsme

Itsme application

Itsme is a social media profile sharing app that Apiko built for a client from Norway. The team’s tasks were to integrate the React Native app with third party social media apps and provide the UI / UX design. Itsme generates a QR code that the user can send to its contacts so they can access all of the necessary contact information.

Featured Project: PerFi

PerFi application preview

PerFi helps its users to manage their personal invoices, expenses, and financial transactions. The technology stack for this project includes React, React Native, Redux, ES6, Android, and iOS.

#8. MCRO

MCRO logo

MCRO is a Romanian company that builds the high performing mobile, web and desktop apps for top clients and very promising startups. Founded in 2014, the company specializes in React, React Native, AngularJS, Sencha / ExtJS, iOS, and Android. MCRO supports the startups all the way from conceptualization to functionality. It also delivers the consulting, maintenance & support, design, front end / back end development, QA / automation, DevOps, and security services.

Featured Project: Quandora

Quandora application preview

This is a mobile app for the Quandora Q & A platform. The app enables its users to ask questions, post answers, and upvote the answers. The technology stack for the app includes React Native, Redux, Redux-Thunk, Firebase, WebSockets, IOS, Android, etc.

Featured Project: Demco Discover Mobile

Demco Discover Mobile

Discover Mobile is a mobile app that MCRO developed for their client Demco. The app allows its users to search for library locations, reserve rooms, set up events, reserve books, and e-books. The team used the following technology stack to build the app: React Native, ES@Next (6+), Redux, React Navigation, iOS, Android, FastLane, HockeyApp Deployments, etc.

Featured Project: Outcomes4me


Outcomes4me is a medical app that helps the patients track their medical treatments, the progress of their healing process and keeps them up to date with the clinical trials and news. The main focus of the project was the React Native mobile app and automated builds configuration.

#9. Corner Case Technologies

Corner Case Technologies logo

Established in Lithuania in 2016, Corner Case Technologies is a full stack software development company. Corner Case Technologies delivers the software systems, mobile apps, web development, and product management services for clients in the cloud solutions, construction, digital lotteries, finance, sports, telecom, and other industries.

Featured Project: Parkando


The Parkando mobile app connects the owners of unused parking places with car owners who need a free parking. To develop the app, Corner Case Technologies used the following technologies: React Native, React.js, Bootstrap, Sass, Redis, PostgreSQL, and Rails.

# 10. Relevant Software

Relevant Software logo

Founded in 2013 in Lviv, Ukraine, Relevant Software provides the full cycle software, product development and QA services for global companies. The company specializes in software development, quality assurance, business analysis, UI / UX design, business process automation, SaaS, gamification, product development, and web / mobile app development. Relevant Software completed over 100 projects in the finance, media, construction, hospitality, marketing, energy, retail, and travel sectors.

Check the whole list of React Native dev teams available on YouTeam:

108 dev teams specializing in React Native

The Bottom Line

These were our trusted partners who underwent a thorough multi-stage verification procedure and proved to be one of the best in their field of expertise. We highly recommend working with them through our platform to get access to a unique talent pool of their dedicated developers listed on YouTeam and enjoy reliable collaboration without having to worry about administrative and safety issues. Check out all available react native developers on YouTeam platform.

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