Augmented Reality in Mobile Devices

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The technology of augmented reality or AR combines the real and virtual world. It helps in creating an info load associated with a specific object, helps to navigate the space and get more use in a dynamic mode, without wasting time searching for info.

The augmented reality prompted developers to implement different versions of apps that can solve specific business problems. How it works?

Supplemented reality application.

From a technical point of view, the projects of AR operate on the same principle. The device uses the technology of object recognition with algorithms of visual search, GPS navigation and certain settings. Quick data analysis allows you to visualize info about the object, expanding the user’s capabilities.

At this stage, browser versions of such programs and specialized devices are used. The most flexible in this sphere are mobile devices. AR for Android and iOS is popular and targeted at a wide audience reach.

Apps which use the augmented reality for Android or other platforms increase customer loyalty. They can download it to their devices, share their impressions, recommend the product to friends, etc. In the western market there is a practice of developing apps that literally increase sales.

The technology of augmented reality can be flexibly used by entrepreneurs. Refer to specialists with a ready-made idea or a problem to be solved. A ready-made application will meet all your needs and work to monetize your business.

During the few last years, Android has been working on technologies that contribute to the development of AR on mobile devices, exploiting the Tango platform. It became the basis for creating ARCore. Due to the fact that this SDK doesn’t require additional hardware, it can be used on various Android devices. It is planned to launch ARCore on millions of devices.

ARCore works on Java/OpenGL, Unity and Unreal and is oriented on the following areas:

Tracking traffic. Exploiting the phone camera to track the reference points in the building (these points determine the location where the virtual object will be located) and gyro data, ARCore determines the position of the device while driving. In this case, virtual objects remain exactly where you placed them.

Recognition of the environment. ARCore can recognize horizontal surfaces using the same reference points as when tracking traffic.

Assessment of lighting. ARCore determines the level of illumination of the environment and enables developers to cover virtual objects in accordance with the environment around them. Because of this, they look even more realistic.

The company is working on the visual positioning service (Visual Positioning Service). It will allow bringing the app of the technology of AR in the world beyond the computer. ARCore is the modern step to making augmented reality approachable to everyone.

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