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How YouTeam Uses HackerRank for Work to Vet Developers

As a tech talent marketplace, YouTeam places a high emphasis on the skills of software developers that it features. We already use a multilevel vetting process to seed out only the top talent. To join our platform, each engineer must pass a multi-stage screening process. Hiring and retaining top talent is the core of our clients’ business, so they are strict when it comes to selecting the candidates, especially those for remote projects.

This summer we have enhanced our developer assessment process with one more vetting procedure: the HackerRank for Work tests. New agencies that join YouTeam and want their developers to be added to the platform have their candidates pass a test.

What Is HackerRank for Work?

It is a platform for testing the technical and problem-solving skills of software engineers. Companies use this tool to source, screen, and hire developers as well as other technical roles. Instead of writing their own tests, employers can now benefit from ready-made tasks, which are tailored to the company’s specific requirements. Just like the employers, we at YouTeam use these tests in our vetting process to make sure that each developer joining our platform will deliver the work of exceptional quality and has exceptional problem-solving skills.

Read our interview with Vivek Ravisankar, HackerRank’s CEO and founder, to learn more about the idea behind the world-known solution.

How The Assessment Works

The HackerRank for Work assessment workflow is as follows:

  1. Partner Relations Managers at YouTeam select a particular test for a particular developer based on their main programming language and the seniority level. Sometimes there are tasks that can be solved using several languages. A developer may choose to solve a task in a preferred language, not necessarily the default one they have to select before they start solving the test.
  2. Each test contains coding questions that require knowledge of certain frameworks or languages. Some tests offer multiple-choice questions. For the latter type of tests, engineers get only around 5 points per task while other tasks that require coding may provide 50 to 75 points. 
  3. At the beginning of the test, there is a link to a short sample test (which takes up to 30 minutes to solve). The candidate can go through it to get familiar with the work environment and types of tasks. As a result, they can prepare for the actual test and save time on studying the test environment, focusing only on the task later instead.
  4. After the link to the test has been received via email, a developer has a week to solve the test. When they start, they are given 75 to 120 minutes to pass it. Of course, it is possible to submit the test earlier in case it has been finished ahead of the deadline.
  5. If one has already launched the test, it’s impossible to pause it or continue on the other day. When the test is dropped, the system considers the assignment complete after time runs out, which may result in the score being very low, so we do not recommend leaving the test in the middle of solving it.
  6. HackerRank for Work analyzes if a candidate has solved the tasks correctly. The algorithm even checks whether they had the right approach to solving a particular task. As a result, sometimes even when the task is not solved correctly but the assignee has been following the right steps to solve the problem, the system will reward them some points anyway.
  7. After the assignment has been completed, it is sent to YouTeam (the test organizer).
  8. There are tests that assess HTML or CSS knowledge, and those are the ones that are mostly checked manually. That’s where YouTeam’s selected top experts go through the test results and put them into the system.
  9. All test results always get checked for plagiarism. If the system automatically detects any suspicious content, it suggests that the test organizer (YouTeam) runs an internal plagiarism check. Usually, in rare cases this occurs, YouTeam’s experts are required to go through the test result and check if it was a false alarm.

What If Something Goes Wrong?

Sometimes an assignee may not completely understand some test-related details, such as exact timing or other technical issues. For example, the candidate planned to pass the test during a lunch break but underestimated the test and did not have enough time to finish it. In such a rare case, we will make an exception and will re-send them a different test. 

After the test completion, we send a feedback form to each candidate and collect the feedback. If we learn about some mistakes or problems with the tests, we fix them as soon as possible and let candidates re-do the test. Some developers have really liked HackerRank and expressed the wish to pass the tests again, but now for knowledge of other technologies.

All in all, each developer has two attempts to pass the HackerRank test. If he/she didn’t manage to pass the test by the second attempt, they will be able to try themselves again no earlier than 6 months from the date of the last attempt. 

How Test Results Affect the Search Results on YouTeam

After a developer passes the test, they get a badge with their “Top %” number. This number shows their ranking among all developers at YouTeam. The more developers pass a specific test, the bigger competition will be among the Top %. Developers with the best scores are listed higher in search results on the platform, so clients see their profiles first. 

Please note that badges can be used only for internal purposes. We provide agencies with full detailed reports on the results, and they are allowed to use them during the performance reviews of their engineers. However, neither the agencies nor the engineers can share the test results externally, e.g. on their profiles on any other websites than YouTeam.

The Bottom Line

We at YouTeam do our best to improve and enhance our vetting process. HackerRank for Work has allowed us to add one more important step to our assessment workflow. Now we can make sure that you can instantly see the best developers on top of the search results.

How To Build Dev Teams With YouTeam?

All you have to do is to provide your project details. After filling in the form, you get a list of the best matching available engineers. Contact the selected developers or teams, schedule interviews, sign a contract with the best one (if you find a match), and start working. The entire process can take several days to two weeks. In case of dissatisfaction (which has happened only once in a 5-year history of YouTeam), you can claim a refund within 2 weeks, plus we may offer a replacement in 48 hours or less, so your deadlines are still made. 

Are you looking for qualified developers to join your project team? Contact us today to learn more about our vetting process and get other important information.

How To Add Engineers To YouTeam?

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Former Head of Marketing at YouTeam, a Y Combinator-backed marketplace for building remote dev teams.

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