How we maximised the value of attending Web Summit by running dozens usability testing sessions!

web summitweb summiHaving an ALPHA Startup stand kept all of YouTEAM busy throughout the third day of Web Summit 2016. Startups are only allowed to have a stand for one day of the conference, but that didn’t stop us from making the most of our time the other two days!

In this blog post, we’d like to share with you some fresh insights into how to conduct the customer development process, in a time and cost-effective manner. For those who don’t know yet, we’ve just launched a curated B2B marketplace for engineering talent that matches businesses with tech specialists available within software companies around the globe. So at Web Summit, our aim was to validate its front-end solution by interviewing our Target Market.

We started the process by identifying the two most significant assumptions we were making about our future business model. To address our first assumption, we needed to confirm the biggest pains and problems experienced by hiring managers when sourcing their tech team and to learn about their current workaround solutions for each of these problems. The second assumption was more focused on User Experience and Journey, we needed to validate whether users understood that they could hire remote engineers, who are employed by carefully selected software companies, through our platform.

In total, we conducted 26 (!!!) full customer development sessions – what we consider success in itself – which was composed of two parts; firstly an interview about their personal experience of hiring and managing remote teams and secondly a usability testing of our platform. Even though Jake Knapp of Google Ventures, and the author of the book ‘Sprint’ says you only need 5 user interviews, after the results start to repeat themselves, we decided to continue our interviewing and test as many feature sets as possible in order to identify behavioural usage patterns… And we got deep insights.

The interviews revealed that hiring managers don’t like the fact that they need to talk to sales staff instead of engineers when making a hiring decision. Users also mentioned that they didn’t like the length of hiring process of remote talent. However, we are pleased to report that much to our delight, the users were able to find and book relevant talent they were looking for by using a search bar.

To sum up, we interviewed more than 30 professionals from our target market, who gave us their candid feedback on our new platform. We spent a lot of time talking to our customers which is obviously extremely important during the startup phase of a new venture, even though some of our team did manage to attend some thought provoking presentations.

Furthermore, over the three days of the conference, we engaged with more than 130 attendees, most of whom we are planning to cooperate with post-Summit. The challenge now will be to implement the most important feedback and suggestions. Many thanks to Web Summit Team for organising such a great event, as well as to our Lviv Team for incredible support and their invaluable contribution!

And we will be returning for yet another wave of customer development.
So, hope to see you at TechCrunch in December.

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Written by
Yuliana Oselska

Ex-Head of Marketing at YouTeam, a marketplace for hiring remote tech talent, backed by YC. Interested in Product Development and Multi-channel Analytics.

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