Top 10 App Development Companies in India

Outsourcing of the projects is a well-known and well-used practice nowadays. Its popularity is based mainly on price and quality ratio of the development. For instance, product development in the USA or Western Europe would cost a pretty penny; meanwhile, the same software solution created by the experts in Eastern Europe or India would cost surprisingly less. And this fact does not influence the quality: Indian IT specialists have all the abilities to create high-performance extensions.

Mobile application market in India grows with the unbelievable speed, and the number of application development companies increases as well.

Main tendencies of software development in India

Most of the development agencies in India are concentrated around the large cities; the biggest IT centers are Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Talking about the mobile development, Indian experts are mainly interested in Android development. The majority of iOS development companies prefer Swift development language. HTML5 and JavaScript are the most popular tools among the web development experts there.

E-commerce is considered to be the most profitable industry for software developers in India. The country is also famous for numerous startups that were born there.

Over 2 million people work in IT sector, and a quarter of them define mobile app development as their main expertise.

The Best Development Companies in India

The main point in cooperation with top app developers in India is to find a reliable and professional partner. Here is a list of the top 10 best IT agencies in India.


Appster presents itself as a leading IT company in India. Established in 2011, they made a large contribution to the development of the industry and showed their customers a great level of Android and iOS software quality.


TechAhead deserved joining the top list of Indian app development companies because of the perfection of services they provide. Besides application design and development, they offer their customers consulting support. The company delivers both Android and iOS applications in the shortest periods of time.


Algoworks company has the offices in the USA and India. The company’s representatives provide surprising information: they have created more than 600+ applications for startups and over 500+ for the companies all around the globe.


Sourcebits development team is one of the well-established leaders on the Indian market. Since 2006, company’s specialists have been creating amazing web and mobile applications. Agile methodic together with high skills and willingness to make innovations are fundamentals of Sourcebits’ success.   

Net Solutions

Building any product from scratch is a superpower of Net Solutions experts. The combination of design thinking, data science, and programming skills made this company reach the top 10 app development companies in India. Net Solutions show expertise in creating mockups and prototypes, building architectures and models, design, development and business analysis, as well as QA.


AppInventiv satisfies high demands of the enterprise companies and startups by providing a high level of services for more than 4 years. Their main expertise is software apps development for Real Estate and Finance, Education, and Travel industries.

Octal Info Solution

This company designs and develops great mobile solutions for SMEs, Finance, Energy, eCommerce etc. Cost-effectiveness and high quality are ones of the most important features of Octal Info Solution products. 


QBurst has more than 700 projects in their portfolio. The company specializes in both web and mobile development. Over 1100 employees take care of perfection of software solution and company’s improvement.

Hidden Brains

Behind a funny catchy name, there is hidden a powerful application creator. Just imagine – more than 5000 of products were realized by the company’s specialists. And these products serve 31 industries. The company is especially strong in web apps development.

Parangat Technologies

Last but not least, Parangat Technologies needs to be mentioned. The company boasts great achievements in the development of apps and games for Apple devices.

Final Thoughts about app development in India

The improvement in IT industry literally skyrockets. The service of app development companies in India improves and attracts more and more attention. By choosing the best agency among a variety of market’s offers one can find a trusty long-term partner and a powerful development team.

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