Top 10 Outsourced Product Development Companies

Who are the most sophisticated players in the industry of outsourced software product development services?

What is Product Development?

One of the challenges of writing about Product Development is providing a clear definition of its scope.

In my opinion, Product Development is synonymous with Product Management.

Business & Marketing requirements define UX/Product which in turn define Technical requirements.

It is important to note that Product Managers aren’t typically Software Architects.

Outsourced product development meaning in Eastern Europe

Product development services are not well represented outside the US and Western Europe.

In Eastern Europe, the traditional definition of Product Development is a combination of the following disciplines:

  • Business Analysis
  • Product Design (& UX/UI)
  • Product Marketing
  • Product Management

This being a relatively new field (outside of the US), there is sometimes confusion in Europe about the difference between IT Project Managers and IT Product Managers.

Very few companies have significant Go-To-Market, High-Tech Marketing or Customer Development Consulting expertise. However, there are a few notable exceptions to this located in Ukraine & Russia and the purpose of this article is to:

  • Identify them
  • Compare and contrast what they offer

Based on reading their marketing material/positioning we found many studios which claim to offer product development services in Ukraine. So we researched their Clutch profiles, customer reviews to identify what the outsourced product development industry can offer in terms of key competencies and skills sets.

Early Product Development Stages

Stage 1 = Business analysis – It is difficult, if not impossible to successfully commercialize a product without high-level analysis of the business model, marketing & sales processes. There is no need to perfect the business model at the very beginning, but in order to do the UX/UI process correctly your designers will need to understand the business objectives, otherwise, they’ll develop wrong interfaces. A thorough business analysis stage or ‘Product Discovery’ stage needs to take place before the UX/UI stage commence.

Stage 2 = UX/UI – For most products, the UX/UI stage comes next. These first two stages form an intrinsic part of product development.

As a pure Product Manager (not Product Designer), I need to partner with other studios who specialize in providing UX/UI services.

It is important to reflect on which subset of product development skills you need when selecting a suitable partner.  

My top list of 10 product development companies in Ukraine & Belarus

StudioLocationProduct Development Focus
QubstudioLviv, UkraineUX/UI, Product Design, Logo Design, Branding
The GradientLviv, UkraineProduct Vision, UX/UI, Product Design, Product Marketing, User Research, Market Research, Go-to-Market Strategy, Digital Branding, Analytics
69pixelsMinsk, BelarusAnalytics, Service Design, UX/UI
Argent SystemsKyiv, UkraineUX/UI, IT Consulting,
Meat AgencyKyiv, UkraineUsability Testing, User & Stakeholder Interviews, Product & Content Strategy, Prototyping
Yedynka DigitalKyiv, UkraineDigital strategy, Digital campaign, Content management
AltyKyiv, UkraineUser Research, UX/UI, Market And Competition Research, Niche Research
HexagonKyiv, UkraineUX/UI, Branding, Product Marketing, Product Research, Product Strategy, Usability Testing
Basov DesignKyiv, UkraineProduct Vision, UX/UI, Digital Strategy, Logo Design,
Smartica SkykillersKyiv, UkraineDigital Strategy, Digital Creative Services, Design & UI, Development & Production, Digital Advertising: CPC, CPA, SMM/ Content, Digital PR, and Mobile Marketing

In conclusion

Our findings are that the term ‘product development studio’ can take on a variety of meanings related to quite a number of different skills sets.

Every company, whether located in Eastern or Western Europe or in the US, has a slightly different definition of the term depending on the services they offer and how they market themselves.

Be alert. Choose wisely.

Photo credit: The Gradient.

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