TOP 25 companies hand-picked by Startup Grind
TOP 25 companies hand-picked by Startup Grind

Startup Grind picks TOP-25 companies of the 2017 Europe Conference

Among them are FinTech, Smart House, Marketplaces, Development tools, Search platforms and many other kinds of companies.

Startup Grind hosted an action-packed event for 1500 global founders at its annual Europe Conference held on the 14th June at the historic Central Westminster Hall in London, UK. It was a day of non-stop content from industry leaders such as Taavet Hinrikus (TransferWise), Miguel McKelvey (WeWork), John Collison (Stripe), Sarah Wood (Unruly), and Matt Brittin (Google); fireside chats; investor Q&A’s; hands-on workshops; and not the least the startup exhibition.

This year 25 companies have been selected for the Europe Startup Programme. Being part of the Top 25, we decided to review other fellow startups and feature the most interesting ones based on our previous experience of working with early-stage tech businesses.

“Of the startups invited to exhibit, the Top 25 were nominated to represent the Startup Grind London community across 98 countries. These startups have great teams, traction, technology and massive markets,” says Derek Andersen, founder & CEO of Startup Grind. “Our biggest goal is for each startup to go back home with a new and improved game plan that would not have happened without the exposure of the exhibition and the mentors/resources that were gained through our network.”

We encourage you to have a look at the full Top 25 list. Below is our insight on the 15 companies we loved the most.

#1 Hotelgenius, Greece

Hotelgenius is an all-in-one online hotel solution that helps hotels to create their direct sales channel by providing solutions of a website builder, a booking engine, a mobile concierge, and a channel manager – all the necessary tools and software development outsourcing services a typical hotel needs. Currently, the platform is already used by 900 hotels in 197 cities.

#2 Pobuca, UK

A contact management app for teams that helps professionals increase productivity and collaboration by sharing contact lists with co-workers on any device. While other contact management systems focus on offering mostly “customer relationship management” features and primarily on a desktop, Pobuca is aimed to be a de facto productivity app for easy communication with business contacts.

#3 Latetrip, UK

Spontaneous city breaks and last minute trips within the budget. You just need to select the budget, nearest airport and when you want to go and you will instantly get a range of options. Even though at the moment, the departure options are only in the UK, the destinations cover 40 major cities over the world.

#4 SourceLair, Greece

An online IDE that lets you code in more than 25 programming languages and frameworks, while it integrates with Git, GitHub and Heroku. Available as a Chrome extension, SourceLair enables frictionless development in your browser on any device using Python, Node.js, PHP, HTML5 and more. A startup from Greece has been featured by TechCrunch three years ago and since that time its audience is gradually growing, to now having  16K users.    

#5 CM-OO, Israel

CM-OO is making the concept of the smart house real. Its technology brings to life wall switches and light bulbs, making them intelligent IoT devices – without requiring new wiring or batteries. CM-OO differentiates from other Smart House products by overcoming the installation barrier with no-new-wires solution which extracts power on both ends to support multiple sensors, touch displays and other special accessories – even when the switch is turned off. This new technology is just entering the market, so don’t miss the chance to be among first early-adopters.

#6 Tilkee, France

Tilkee will revolutionise your sales process by analysing exactly when and how your sales documents are read by your contacts! It is a cloud-based app that optimises prospect follow-up by tracking sales proposals and marketing content and predicting sales. Tilkee analyses your prospects’ reading behaviour to help you precisely gauge their interest and their willingness to sign, all in real time! It is integrated with email services and CRM.

#7 Combyne, Germany

Combyne is a mobile app for creating your perfect outfit on your phone from a carefully curated selection of current trends and your own clothes. It also provides inspiring curated Style Lists, so you can discover the latest fashion trends and find your new favourite items from over 800 brands and online shops. An easy to use marketing channel for the German fashion industry.

#8 Sobu, Switzerland

A platform that transforms social media into a way to share “qualified recommendations” from consumers themselves. People can share suggestions about the products or services they use, helping businesses reach a larger crowd, but also allowing influencers to earn money back on their ideas – part of the “buy-share-earn” model. They are aiming to revolutionise and leave a lasting impact on the marketing world.

#9 Equity X, UK

Equity X provides an automated private equity valuation tool with artificial intelligence functionalities for corporate investors to decide what to buy or to sell in a smarter way by taking advantage of statistics. It generates 5-year financial forecast, benchmarks and PDF reports in a few minutes. It currently operates in the UK and Asia. 

#10 Trakti, Italy

Trakti is a peer to peer platform facilitating procurement, sourcing and sales with dynamic, personalised negotiations and contracts registered in the Blockchain. Trakti manages RFx, Tenders, Auctions and Contract Negotiations, safely in the cloud. 

Featured as a FinTech Startup of the Week by Startup Boot Camp.

#11 Videmic, Germany

An offline video sharing app enabling you to record, watch, and share videos everywhere and instantly with your friends and other people everywhere offline for free. Without wifi infrastructure! Without data usage! Although the app has got 50K downloads on Google Play, its need is under the questions as the internet technologies are improving every day.

#12 Instalent, Hungary

Instalent is a Global Network of Specialist Independent Recruiters with a convenient and effective crowdsourced model. This community shares roles, candidates and also knowledge and experience with each other. A community based on trust and collaboration.

#13 Chare, Germany

A German startup supported by Startup Grind Europe and IBM is developing a mobile app that guarantees security and supports social communication through multi­faceted features such as text messaging, secure one-­to­-one chats, hotlines, to­-do lists, and surveys. It is suitable for teams of any size. Although the need for one more communication app is overestimated the focus on security might prove itself.

#14 Selfikon, Serbia

Mobile app Selfikon is connecting people through selfies and hashtags. Every hashtag is a place where you can hang out, meet, like each other and also compete with others selfies. You’ll find the craziest, the best and most interesting selfies from all around the world. It’s available both on Google Play and Apple Store.  

#15 YouTeam, UK (sorry, we couldn’t resist the temptation!)

“ for IT outsourcing”. A b2b platform where you can find your perfect tech team frictionlessly and for free. YouTeam allows businesses to choose their software development partners based on the talent they have available. Clients can hand-pick developers for their team and “rent” them from an agency they are employed at. Check it out here:

All selected startups had an opportunity to showcase their products to a wider audience at the Startup Grind Conference during the startup exhibition. It was a great chance to get a candid feedback from their potential customers, discuss their pain and needs to ultimately improve their products accordingly.


2.2 Perfect team, Eastern Europe

Written by
Yuliana Oselska

Ex-Head of Marketing at YouTeam, a marketplace for hiring remote tech talent, backed by YC. Interested in Product Development and Multi-channel Analytics.

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