Top Skills Start-up Founders Expect From Developers

Top Skills Start-up Founders Expect From Developers

Starting a new business is always going to involve many complex challenges, especially within a competitive field such as digital product and application development. One of the most crucial contributing factors to success in this area is having access to the best available talent, and providing a great business model and work environment to attract and retain that talent.

In return, founders of new tech start-ups will be looking for extremely skilled developers to help get their ideas off the ground and bring their plans to fruition as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here are some of the key skills these kinds of employers will be focusing on when looking to hire top software development teams.

Flexible problem solving – Taking an agile approach to software development is essential in today’s market, as you have to anticipate issues and be working on various solutions before they even arise. It’s also vital to recognise the need to collaborate with other specialists to solve problems.

Focus on analysis – It’s no longer enough to develop a piece of code or a digital product, put it out into the world and reap the financial rewards. The most successful app development companies continue to invest time and money into their releases, so developers should know the value of collecting and interpreting big data as well as user feedback on a one-to-one level. Aggregate user data can be even more powerful than specific user feedback for developers in terms of taking a start-up to the next level.

Advanced coding skills – It goes without saying that the best developers will be more than familiar with the most important coding languages. JavaScript is one of the most sought-after, along with related areas, since it has proven itself as a viable platform for building scalable web and mobile applications. Limited coding experience will be a red flag for start-up employers who can’t afford to hit roadblocks early on.

Understanding beyond one area – Developers need to understand how their core technical work will be presented to end users, and for what purpose, across multiple platforms and devices. The broader the extent of their technical skills and experience, the better they can support a small team that needs consistency across the board.

Business sense and knowledge – This requirement stretches beyond purely technical concerns, too. A thorough understanding of how the entire business works (or should work) is vitally important, which links back to listening to user feedback as well as other issues such as security. Developers need to grasp the impact their work and their decisions have on their colleagues, their users and the business as a whole. Identifying this is essential for employers to ensure they’re hiring the best possible candidates to help get their start-up company going.

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