Where To Source A Remote Tech Team

Where To Source A Remote Tech Team: What A Start-Up CEO Has To Consider

When starting up a brand new business which requires a team of top software developers, hiring the right remote employees is a major challenge for a CEO. Even with experience in recruitment and/or the field of software engineering, managers have to balance a number of conflicting requirements and overcome complex new problems. It can take a significant amount of time to get through the hiring process before you can even take on projects.

So where can you begin when hiring remote developers? At YouTeam we specialise in streamlining this process for all types of businesses, so we have some key advice to share.

Don’t rely on freelancers

A common mistake made by CEOs just getting into business developing software is that they outsource work to freelancers. These people may be self-employed or semi-professional, but it will not always be easy for them to integrate into an existing team and they will almost certainly be working on only a short-term basis. This often leads to a string of successive freelancers continuing the same work, which is inefficient and costly.

Search a pre-vetted marketplace

As an alternative, using a searchable database of valuable talent like we have here at YouTeam gives you an additional level of trust and reassurance. The quality of your team won’t be a problem because all candidates have passed a stringent vetting process. Hiring digital development agencies who are used to working as part of an effective team enables your new remote colleagues to fit in with your workflow much more smoothly.

Consider your project brief

Choosing a development agency or individual workers will allow you to be very selective, so base your choices on what is best for the kind of projects you will be working on. Don’t try to fit what you’re doing as a business around the existing skills of your team, because you will not achieve what you originally set out to.

Managing remote workers

Employing remote staff comes with a huge range of benefits in terms of flexibility and bypassing geographical barriers to hire top software developers who are the best in their niche. However, it’s also a minefield if you don’t have much experience working with a remote team. Communication is extremely important and you need to be prepared to put in extra work if you want to maintain a healthy team culture. This is a crucial responsibility for a dedicated project manager. To better manage your remote workers and strengthen their collaboration skills, check out these 7 ways to enhance team communication. 

Perfert team, we verify skills

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