Customer surveys, in-depth interviews and UX/UI testing done right

Steve Blank has famously said that no business plan survives the first contact with the customer. In other words, the only way to make sure you’re doing a right thing is to have your customers sitting at the same table with you and the team. Possessing its own research unit allows YouTeam to conduct the customer discovery and customer validation stages of Customer Development quickly and on a budget.

At a high level, Customer Development is about questioning your core business assumptions. In other words, Customer Development suggests that rather than assuming that preconceived beliefs about a given business are true… a scientific method should be applied, in order to validate the ideas.

The primary advantage of implementing this framework is that a large amount of money isn’t spent discovering what works, and instead the money is saved for executing and scaling what you have already shown to work. An organisation applies a learning process, rather than merely executing what was assumed to be the right business model.  If implemented properly, Customer Development helps a business become highly focused, capital and resource efficient, and while not guaranteeing success, makes it more likely to find Product-Market Fit and market traction.