Qualitative and quantitative research, continuous deployment, legal and marketing support

For most digital products, launch isn’t a one-off event. It’s a comprehensive process that has been described by Eric Ries as “validated learning”. There are two key components of this. The first one is  gathering audience data in the form of stats and customer feedback. The second one is continuous integration:  when the product is updated and tweaked instantly based on information you receive from your customers. YouTeam product managers, being startup founders themselves, know how to build this process in the right way so that you reach organic growth with minimum money and time invested.

Our approach is to sit down with yourself as the Product Owner and agree upon an alpha and beta-testing roadmap, which pave the way for the successful launch of your product.

Alpha testing typically happens toward the end of a development process when the product is in a near fully-usable state. It is an internal process primarily concerned with improving the quality of the product and ensure beta readiness. Alpha testing is normally performed by QA Engineers, Internal User Representative Group, and friends of the Product Owner and Product Manager.

Sometimes the product will spend a few iterations in the Alpha Testing phase before it is ready to be released to external early adopters. However, rest assured that Alpha Testing will drive most of the software bugs out and increase the product’s chance of user/market acceptance.

Beta testing follows on from Alpha testing and happens just before launch, sometimes ending within weeks or even days of MVP release. We begin to involve a broader range of users, i.e. Early Adopters who aren’t part of our User Representative Group.

The purpose of beta testing is to improve the quality of the product, integrate customer input on the complete product, and ensure release readiness. Beta testing allow customers to explore the limits and every element of a product it in its native environment.

Once we have successfully passed through Beta Testing, we are in a position to Launch the Product!