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Laser Focused Solutions is a premium IT company designing and developing complex websites and applications, building, customizing and implementing modules, plugins for E-commerce platforms such as Magento, Demandware, Hybris, Big Commerce, Shopify.

Laser Focused Solutions goes with the times and runs projects on Blockchain platforms, builds out e-wallets, smart contracts, writes white papers, does post ICO Blockchain development and provides post ICO Services, etc.

We build Inspired Dedicated Dream Teams that provide Product Development and Support Services. Additionally, we can offer experienced L1/L2/L3 service desk for your product or services users or clients available 24/7*365.

Our key clients are big Canadian, American, English, German, Indonesians players.

If you need a team of committed drivers who love to take ownership and new challenges - hire us!
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Andrii Korpalo, CTO
Andrii Korpalo

Proactive and smart developer with more than 15 yeasr of practical experience. Strong system architect. Focused to E-commerce and Blockchain. Lead for remotely distributed teams. Andrii created more than a dozen of engineering teams from scratch for various clients of different sizes. And guided them from the very beginning to public roll out of products and services.

Diana Yavorska, BDD
Diana Yavorska

In IT since 2008. Experienced as: project manager, product manager and business analyst. Diana is a leader and at the same time a good team player, who is oriented to reach a goal. Is able to play role requiring both business and technical understanding. Likes open new business areas, develop new projects and launch them into independent life.

Portfolio highlights


Canada's largest security solutions provider

Cybersecurity services

ISA is a security-focused technology firm, with over 25 years of experience helping organizations of all sizes solve complex challenges relating to IT security. ISA works as a trusted advisor to help clients define, implement and manage their strategies to minimize IT security related risk and to provide a secure business environment for their employees and customers. LF helped ISA to build their own Dream Team, located in Ukraine, which became a reliable part of the largest security provider.


Service & Support, Cybersecurity & Data Protection


security service

the tour agency in Indonesia

Booking and ticketing system for tourist attractions & activities

Tour Done works with B2C and B2B, provides convenient payment options, high quality support and a wide selection of activities from the reliable and high-qualified guides on the island. Laser Focused Solutions built full cycle system for selling tours from scratch, developed validation and verification systems for tickets; implemented integration between Magento, CRM and financial system, made customization of Magento.


E-Commerce & Retail, Travel & Tourism, Booking & Rent


Development of bundles for integration with database and rest api, integrating payment systems, E-Commerce platform, Online shop with search functionality and payments system integration, Online projects (online stores/ blogs and banner network/ rest api backend services), B2B platform, Integration between CRM, modules development, Network sales management system, Web / API

One-of-a-Kind Retail Player in UAE

Magento Integration

Level Shoes is the biggest fashion mall in Dubai. The 96.000-square-foot store with more than 40 boutiques also carries many amenities to gratify specific wishes ranging from the ultimate shoe search to personal shoe styling, shoe restoration, feet therapy, culinary relief and a full-time concierge service, to make customer`s live the Level Experience. Laser Focused Solutions made web shop implementation and integration with external interactive TV screens system.


E-Commerce & Retail

Private company

Decentralised Online Voting

Distributed online voting platform, which incentivizes voters with its own coins, based on blockchain technology and backed with transparent crypto algorithms. Piloting in several companies and by several Ukrainians city administrations. Based on Ethereum, uses smart contract written with solidity, communicates between DAPP and blockchain using WEB3J, DAPP developed in Java8 using Spring boot and WEB Socket.


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


Polling and voting, Blockchain-based platform