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We are a custom software development company specializing in Web & Mobile applications full stack development.
We help businesses reach their clients anywhere, anytime and on any device using a wide array of platforms. Our team of developers and project managers with combined 10 years of experience will walk alongside with you from ideation to the launch of your product.

Our motto is "Changing Reality in Development" and that is exactly what we strive to do with every project. To us every project is unique and so we work according to the client's expectations, budget, time, and most importantly we keep it simple.
We use cutting-edge technologies in our developments in other to maintain the high-quality application standards that we've set.
openGeeksLab LLC
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Key people


Viktoria, Senior Mobile Developer
Senior Mobile Developer

Mobile/Web Developer with 5 years of experience. Front end & Back end. Main stack: React Native, JavaScript, Node.js, React.js, MySQL, MongoDB

Dmytro, Senior Web Developer
Senior Web Developer

Web Technology expert with 7+ years of software engineering

Dmytro Dvurechenskyi, CEO at openGeeksLab
Dmytro Dvurechenskyi
CEO at openGeeksLab

This smart man knows a lot about what will be popular in the near future - he once developed cool apps for the iOS before it became mainstream. As any creative person, he hates to be alone. Dmytro is a real source of positive energy and extraordinary ideas. The desire to do things he loves brought him to us, and now he confidently leads our team to incredible success!

Valeria, Head of Product Department
Head of Product Department

She was born with expressed organizational skills. At school Valeriia worked very hard on projects and even managed to help her classmates. There is no chance to doubt her abilities – this charismatic girl keeps everything under control. She can establish contact with any person and professionally coordinate the developer’s work.

Igor, Tech Lead
Tech Lead

His work is very difficult – many tasks, great responsibility. But Igor easily copes with it! Years of experience and life skills help him to maintain a balance between a sense of duty and enjoyment from the work. He led an usual online store, but fate finally brought him to our bright team. Igor likes to be a member of a small group – it is a great incentive to work hard.

Alex, CTO

More than 10 years experience in IT engineering. Extensive experience in Web & Mobile Development. Deep practical knowledge front-end and back-end production. Motivated team player with excellent communication skills. The expertise in working with internationally distributed teams

Portfolio highlights


Apr `17 – Aug `18

1 year

South America based company


Lose weight starting now by connecting with your personal Magra Health Coach, who will help you to achieve and maintain your ideal weight. Start making sustainable changes that will improve your health and happiness. Personal Health Coach is an instant message away!


Sports & Fitness


weight loss app

Jul `18 – Aug `18

1 month

Feed Manager

The mobile application for helping farmers to control their economy. Using this app farmers have a lot information about their farm, some of information is visualized


Business & Productivity



Apr `17 – Aug `18

1 year

Resignation Media, LLC


All day, every day, theCHIVE brings you the most funny, sexy, and heartwarming photos & videos. theCHIVE app is a buffet of hilarity and hotness, with a touch of humanity…all served up in pictures and videos for your viewing pleasure.


News & Media


entertainment apps

Oct `17 – Jan `18

3 months

Myanmar - based client


The client-server solution for controlling cash turnover of distributors


E-Commerce & Retail


Admin panel, Mobile application

Oct `17 – Apr `18

6 months

The Hub

The Hub is a community of creators which connects brands and agencies on their platform.

May `17 – Apr `18

11 months

SolidFit Fitstack

SolidFit manages your fitness lifestyle. Connects you with health and fitness experts. Offers advanced machine learning engine to create a dynamic fitness plan for you to reach your goals.

Jun `17 – Aug `17

2 months


Online platform that connect families and expert carers. Technology that makes managing and paying for care easier, a new system that rewards hard-working, compassionate carers.


Sports & Fitness, Environmental Activism & Social Organisations

Feb `17 – Mar `17

1 month

Denmark-based company


Bmetric is your online sales assistant. Web service which offer a fully managed optimised SaaS Solution with hands-on implementation.


E-Commerce & Retail, Travel & Tourism


Web sites

Jan `17 – Jun `17

5 months


Web platform which specializes in recruiting workers for employment abroad (Poland, Israel, Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, etc.) as well as specialists for work in the territory of Ukraine.



Tradingrex is an application to analyze your trading operations in financial markets. Help traders to improve the performance of their trading strategies with less risk.


Web sites



Richard Wistow, CEO at Octanise

Their deep knowledge of software development and their skill in managing the project instilled confidence in the client. Their team is professional and self-motivated.

Richard Wistow, CEO at Octanise

Emmanuel Ngene, Founder & CEO, MCQ Test Preparation App

A deep understanding of the client’s concept was key in creating an intuitive UI/UX. openGeeksLab guided the client through the development process with patience and clear communication. Efficiency of workflow allowed for fast, high-quality deliverables

Emmanuel Ngene, Founder & CEO, MCQ Test Preparation App

Antony Sutton, Founder, Medical Education Services Company

They were genuinely interested in understanding our business, not just project specifications."

Antony Sutton, Founder, Medical Education Services Company

Chris Silveira, General Manager at Leavens Volkswagen

It is a pleasure to work with openGeeksLab. Great communication and quality programming work. I will work with them again soon.

Chris Silveira, General Manager at Leavens Volkswagen