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We are a trusted IT software company that started 6 years ago.
We create ERP, CRM systems, FinTech, eHealthcare and other business automation solutions in the form of Web and Mobile Apps. Also, we've developed our own product - OMS (Online Marketplace Software). OMS is the easiest as well as a cost-effective way to launch a custom online marketplace within one week.
Our services include Business Analysis, Backend/Frontend development, QA, UX/UI design.
We prefer to work on a time and materials basis, with the help of SCRUM methodology. T&M model means the project moves in 2 week long cycles, giving the client fewer investments for detailed tasks specifications. Also, it helps us to be more flexible if there is a need to change priorities about features or add new functions.
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Vladislav Melianytskyi, CEO, Co-Founder
Vladislav Melianytskyi
CEO, Co-Founder

Vladislav found Rademade with Vitalii Bereziuk and Konstantyn Fedorenko more than 6 years ago. He started as Ruby and PHP developer. Now, he is the CEO of Rademade, and can advise you on best internet solution as well as on proceeding in entrepreneurship. Vlad proactively participates in all company processes, the one can count on his responsibility and responsiveness.

Vitalii Bondarchuk, Business Development Director
Vitalii Bondarchuk
Business Development Director

Vitalii is more than 8 years in Business Development field. He worked for big leaders like L’oreal and Korn Ferry Hay Group, and volunteered at AIESEC. Now Vitalii is responsible for a stable development of Rademade. That is a work with new customers and partners, and also a robust support of the existing ones.

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Feb `15 – Present

4 years

E-health startup company

E-Health SaaS service

This project is a healthcare medical solution for hospital administration, with implemented complex calendar for doctors and for patients. On the basis of health screening, service is able to provide clients with recommendations, send notifications to patients and doctors.


Healthcare & Medicine


complex healthcare medical solution for hospital administration, with implemented complex calendar for doctors and for patients

Feb `15 – Jun `15

4 months

US-based startup company

Online marketplace for selling handcrafted things

Online Marketplace to share, teach and sell what you handcraft. Includes Landing Page, Home Page, For Customers Pages (with information on products, customers' reviews, videos of the ​process of creating and chat with makers), For Studios Pages, For Makers Pages (where the one can add products, record live videos, communicate directly with other makers), Email Page.


E-Commerce & Retail, Advertising & Marketing


Development of web and mobile versions for an online marketplace



Artem Pirozhenko, CEO, Health24

Specialists in Rademade are ready to create a qualitative and detailed analysis of the product together with the client, to work on the consideration of the methods and options for its implementation, the gradual and step-by-step implementation of the customer's ideas.

Artem Pirozhenko, CEO, Health24