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Maxim Ivanov

Maxim Ivanov


Founding Aimprosoft with his associates, Maxim had an intention to build bridges between people. That craving brought about offering dedicated Liferay development teams for the US and EU clients. Customer-driven, he is responsible for setting strategy and direction, expansion of the company and meeting customers’ requirements paired with tech leads. He considers Aimprosoft as the number 1 team for mind-boggling projects to be done.

Igor Zaporozhets

Igor Zaporozhets


Igor focuses primarily on upgrading and nurturing tech talents growing their potential over industry experience. He is instrumental in overseeing the current Aim technology stack, scaling it, and managing R&D. He is an initiative in thought leadership and advocates for innovative ideas being responsible for meeting end-user needs.

Portfolio highlights

Mobile app for telecom provider

Users get the information of current importance locally where they need it via Push Notifications. The app is able to detect iBeacons and display linked news. Installation on Smart Watches for instant access to the updates on the go is available as well. The last 10 published articles are on high for reading.

News & Media


Virtual1. Enterprise portal

Virtual1 is a web portal for wholesaling telecommunication services. This online hub is designed for large providers of Internet services with the further dealing them to end users.

Internet & Telecom



Motive Retail

Motive Retail is a unique software company that passionates about providing innovative and dynamic system integration solutions to global manufacturers, dealer systems, and value-added software providers applying to a multi-trillion dollar industry — automotive. Liferay was chosen as the most appropriate enterprise-level software solution. Motive Integrator came into service to marry automakers and dealers bringing order to the communication standards with a big scope of various files types.


Document management system for a lawyer firm

The Alfresco-based web app is meant to manage documentation in lawyer firms. Specialists of the firm are located worldwide in all attractive areas where a legal assistance associated with governmental institutions and public services is necessary. Supports clustering, importing and exporting data, flexible permission model per each site type, custom data forms.

Law & Government


EСM solution integrated with Ephesoft

It’s a company-wide workflow for reviewing approving or rejecting incoming documents. Each document comes from the Ephesoft application with a set of own metadata. The system automatically detects department and initiate workflow for department responsible user. Workflow supports several levels of rejection.



Amazon API
Amazon EC2


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