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Ivan Dmitriev

Ivan Dmitriev

General Manager

IT Manager with QA and Project Manager background. My expertise includes: analyzing business cases & inquiries, negotiations, people management, working on solutions and proposals, presenting them, and building complex IT solutions for clients across the world.

Anastasia Voloshyna

Anastasia Voloshyna

Business Development Manager

IT Manager with over 3 years of experience in Business Development. If you need some help or have questions regarding web or mobile development, I will be more than happy to help out! Communication, presentation, negotiation, project management skills. These are what I use on a daily basis to develop myself and to expand the opportunities for my team and our partners over time.

Portfolio highlights

Nap Andrei Samson, Founder, HeyFrendz

HeyFrendz social networking platform for students

Hey Frendz is designed to help make researching easier, by connecting people together through the keywords they choose to share. Hey Frendz can be used for education and for leisure.

Education & Science, Information services & Technologies, Social Media & Communication
Social network for local university, Social app , Networking Platform



VR cross-platform educational software system

This VR educational system is built as a combination of 2 Windows OS applications, 1Android OS application (for Oculus Go headset), web-portal and server-side, that creates complex software system which provides with the opportunity of creation custom builds with different VR educational content setup. 360 videos, 3D-cinema, 360 photo-locations, interaction, 360 Quizzes, a variety of scoring systems and VR Games support high-quality educational content to provide training to big audiences.

Education & Science, Information services & Technologies, Entertainment & Games
Training project, 3D visualization, android application, VR application, educational app, Mobile iOS application


Curve Tomorrow

VR training application for healthcare workers

The client is the health innovation technology company that consults for health organizations, create concepts and build products that improve the health and wellness for millions of people. The ultimate goal of the project was to provide training through the VR simulations that replicate true-to-life crisis situations. The program is built as the scalable and customizable application to further provide the solution to many corporations worldwide.

Information services & Technologies, Healthcare & Medicine
android application, VR application, Mobile iOS application, Healthcare platform, Simulations building application

Munk Studios

Mutual Respect social skills training for mid-school age students

That is an anti-bullying workshop aimed at 7-13 year-olds. Specialists say that understanding bullying starts by learning about why bullies act out and how it impacts other kids. So the whole class is put in a bullying scenario where children learn valuable social skills through the series of VR interviews with bullies and victims, and “Good Citizen” game.

Education & Science, Information services & Technologies
Social game for iOS and Android, 3D gaming, VR application, Animated story for IOS application developed for kids, Game, Mobile applications, Mobile application



Bear Spray realistic VR training application

This training program has been developed for Alaska construction workers and is designed as a safety toolkit for using specific aerosol bear deterrent while encountering a Brown bear in the wilderness. The program is built with Unreal Engine 4 and is training the ability to handle the high-stress situation with the high-end custom 3D graphics, complex animations of a bear and real-case scenario in the VR environment.

Education & Science, Information services & Technologies, Construction & Real estate
VR application



Game Developer