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Kris Marszalek

Kris Marszalek


Kris Marszalek - Co-founder and CEO at Software Brothers, with more than 10 years of experience in developing IT solutions for clients from all around the world (UK, USA, Australia, Norway, Indonesia). After college, he spent some time in the USA where experienced a different but very inspiring approach to doing business. Over the years, gained a strong marketing and sales experience along with technical and IT skills.

Wojciech Krysiak

Wojciech Krysiak


Wojciech Krysiak - CTO in Software Brothers Graduated from 2 faculties at 2008: Electronic followed by Marketing and Management. He's been working in IT industry since then. During that time he has built dozens of products for biggest brands, such as Coca-Cola or Canal+. Now, apart from being a CTO of Software Brothers, Wojek focuses on teaching developers how to code by giving keynotes, providing open source solutions on GitHub and running a jscasts.tv youtube channel.

Portfolio highlights


InfoGym is the ultimate fitness app and the only one you’ll ever need to plan your gym workouts and track the progress. Thanks to advanced 3D animations you will be sure how to exercise in a safe and efficient manner and a slick statistics module will provide easy access to an abundance of real-time statistics. On top of it all, you can quickly communicate with your personal trainer and book a guided session.



EasyTranslate is a fully-featured translation platform and a set of mobile apps, made to provide businesses with universal access to professional translators for a cheaper and fair price.



elGrocer is an e-commerce platform that allows Dubai users to order groceries from their local stores. Speed is the key element for every delivery and elGrocer strived to provide the best service on the market. To reach such a goal, we had to deliver a highly optimised service. The suite of mobile apps had to be simple and easy to use for both customers and local shop owners, while the backend system had to ensure stable app-server communication and geofencing.



7araka is a fitness app built for women by women. Its main goal was to give Saudi Arabian women access to women-only local gyms and trainers. Our task was to build a responsive web panel for gym owners, a web admin panel for 7araka employees and a set of iOS/Android mobile apps. Everything required implementing Arabic language support and a dedicated to Middle Eastern countries payment gateway solution amongst other features.



HelpStay is a subscription-based volunteering platform that allows people to travel around the world and help others in return for a free stay. The challenge The client had specific business goals when they approached us. We had to improve the performance of the existing platform. We also had to make sure it’s responsive and mobile-friendly, which, as a result, had to boost subscription rates. Set goals required a deep analysis of the current situation to identify existing UX/UI problems.


City Pantry

City Pantry deliver food from hundreds of top restaurants in London and across the UK. Founded by Stuart Sunderland in 2014, is Europe's leading B2B catering marketplace, linking caterers and restaurants with corporate customers providing food for their employees or clients. It also provides the potential to expand further into international markets.


TERP A-books

TERP customise content to help people learn better. During the project we created an a-book which identifies the starting position, and then customises the content to make learning process faster. The a-books also provide feedback to teachers, so they can adjust to the needs of their class. The a-books filled with videos and animations can be downloaded in different levels using smart phone.



Kitche is a an app designed for cost saving & food waste reduction at home. It scans food products from all major supermarket receipts with a snap of a camera. It allows users to keep track of food at home and find smart recipes, filtered by products available at home.


Book Forest

A React Native based app that logs all the books the user have read, own and want. It allows users set reading goals and share wish lists with friends and family.



The professional cleaning services platform for Dubai homeowners. The app allows users to book a service within 60 seconds & pay via app. Users are matched only with trusted, experienced house cleaners who collects reviews and feedback after every service (5 star quality standard).





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