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A senior Ruby on Rails backend architect.
I specialize in developing back-end heavy applications which process a lot of data and require very complex architecture. I pride myself in an ability to see the bigger picture and effortlessly plan a...
2 Projects completed
GMT+13 Pacific West
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Updated: 29 Oct 2019
Solution Architect, Machine Learning and Big Data Engineer with over 15 years of experience
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Updated: 22 Apr 2020
Senior Java developer with experience in developing supply chain management, social media projects and others.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 13% discount
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Updated: 15 Apr 2020
Qualified professional with over 10 years of commercial experience in data science, machine learning,
Hands-on experience in time and sales analysis and forecasting, data warehousing systems, CRM, cross-sale, up-sale, and client retention. Solid knowledge of the theory of probability, mathematical s...
GMT+2 East Europe
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Updated: 10 Sep 2020
Igor is an accomplished software engineer with 5+ years of hands-on experience in structuring, designing, and implementing web-based solutions.
Having a long track record of front-end development projects, I have become proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, etc. He is profoundl...
3 Projects completed
GMT-11 Pacific Region
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Updated: 02 Jul 2020

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