YouTeam is a curated platform that matches businesses with tech talents available within software companies around the globe.

Are you a serial entrepreneur that has just raised a seed round for his startup but struggles to hire proper dedicated team?
Our network of carefully selected engineering and design studios and proprietary Talent Availability Signalling system allows us to instantly assemble development teams of the highest quality and virtually any skill set your startup may require.

Are you a busy executive with a vision of a digital product that will bring your business to the next level?
Applying lean to project management, a dedicated Product Manager at YouTeam’s London office will take all the hassle off your plate and make sure your remote team is quick on the uptake. As a result of this you will maintain full control over the development process, investing as little as 4 hours per week.

Are you a bold visionary that wants to make this world a better place?
YouTeam’s end-to-end lean customer-centred Product Development methodology removes all the common startup risks from the agenda – so your idea becomes successful with minimum money and time invested.


Instant Dedicated Team

30+ carefully selected software development houses
Discover how we solved the team assembly puzzle once and for all

Digital product development

Business modelling and end-to-end product design
Learn on our lean product development methodology

Agile project management

Scrum or Kanban – we’re taking it off your plate
Find out how 4 hours per week can be enough to have your product built

Lean software engineering

Your full-stack world-class dedicated tech team
Learn some of what goes into procuring high-quality software

User interface design

A UX/UI team with 200+ successful projects
Discover what makes for an effective user interface design process

Hardware Development

Design for Cypress Semiconductor and Cisco
Explore the benefits of rapid Hardware Prototyping

Customer development

Customer surveys, in-depth interviews and UX/UI testing
Examine how Customer Development sets your project up for Product Market Fit

Competitor and technology research

Product benchmarking and the state-of-technology check
Discover what can help you stand out, even in established markets

Launch and beta-testing

Qualitative and quantitative research, continuous support
Learn about what needs to be done in preparation for a successful launch

Quality Assurance

Proper planning and managing of the quality of processes
Discover why external Quality Assurance drastically improves project outcomes

Project Maintenance

Maintain competitive advantage and accelerate the growth
Get a sense of what to consider when scaling your startup after ’Product Market Fit’

Indoor positioning

Cutting-edge expertise in indoor RTLS
Ascertain what indoor positioning technology has to offer


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Healthcare, FinTech, eCommerce, Retail, Social media, Data Science, HoReCa, Management consulting, Gaming, Security, Enterprise software, Real estate, IoT, Fashion, Toy Making


Top of the line experts

Senior-level engineers and designers

YouTeam carefully selects only senior and upper-middle level specialists for its dedicated teams. All our software developers and UX/UI engineers have at least five years of experience. Own startup record is considered an advantage.


Analysis → UX/UI → Development

YouTeam’s unique co-operative business model allows it to be a one-stop shop for all kinds of expertise your startup may require, from quick Ruby-on-Rails prototyping to C# hardcoding, from UX flows modelling to logo design. Our approach implies careful analysis of your business model and brainstorming for optimal solutions at all stages. You focus on the innovation, we do the rest.

London offices

Come and meet us at Aldgate Tower!

Being startup founders ourselves, we know well that a smooth communication with the team is crucial. Of course, all our engineers are fluent in English, but when you are building a startup, you want to be confident that your team is quick in the uptake. That is why at YouTeam’s Aldgate Tower officeyou have a dedicated project manager, whose key duty is to make sure that you and the team are always on the same page.

No-risk legal framework

Transparent IP, UK jurisdiction, free-exit T&M

YouTeam takes founder’s legal protection very seriously. We have invested a lot in our contractual framework to eliminate all risks related to the team-founder business relationship. That includes a robust chain of intellectual property protection/transition, as well as a carefully-designed free-exit Time&Material agreement, which provides you with maximum possible flexibility. All contracts are under the jurisdiction of the United Kingdom.


Built by founders

YouTeam is a company built by startup founders. All our project and product managers are past founders too. We’ve been in your shoes many times – and have learned the hard way the things you don’t find in textbooks. This experience, as well as continuous learning from new projects, allows us to add a no-bullshit consulting component to the design and development work. This includes carving the MVP scope, choosing optimal monetisation and referral traffic tools, setting up the quantitative and qualitative feedback gathering system, developing the launch plan, doing VC intros, and many, many more.

Lean methodology

Minimize total money and time invested

At YouTeam, your project’s cost and timing is lower not only due to the reasonable rates. The whole product development process is built according to lean methodology. We start our work by designing a sharply focused vision of your product free of non-essential features – a so-called Minimum Viable Product. The key idea is to eliminate waste at all stages and start getting measurable feedback from the audience ASAP. Then we iterate the development in fast cycles to reach your product/market fit with a minimum of time and money invested.

Development houses in continental Europe

30+ independent tech and design teams

YouTeam currently partners with more than 30 tech teams in Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic and Spain. We prefer to work with small-to-medium vendors, but who are experienced and highly specialised in a particular field. Each prospect partner passes through a multi-stage qualification procedure. This gives us access to a unique and carefully curated talent pool of engineers who would otherwise be unavailable for a remote client. YouTeam’s work circle implies regular visits to the developers’ HQ, where intense workshops with dedicated teams are run.


Tailored expertise

Cross-functional teams

YouTeam’s modular approach to creating a syndicate of several specialised teams, depending on the needs of a particular project, allows immediate access to the top talent with the most relevant experience to hire a developer faster than ever before.