Your full-stack world-class dedicated team

Swift or Java? MEAN stack or .Net? C# or Ruby? We’re fluent in all those languages – and in many more :). In the interest of minimising capital outlay, tech startup founders, agencies and SMEs typically prefer to build their own digital products with the help of freelancers or offshore outsourcing studios. However, even the best freelancers available are often slow in response and tend to break deadlines multiple times. Outsourcing companies on the other hand can deliver exceptional quality, but it isn’t likely that they will have engineers with the exact skills you require as readily available as the network of companies which form YouTeam.

YouTeam has established a curated network of 30+ highly specialised engineering studios across continental Europe, which enables us to assemble a cross-functional team with the skills and expertise required on your project within 24 hours.

Furthermore YouTeam engages suitably qualified, full-time employed engineers, none of whom are freelancers. You can rest assured with the fact that we:

  • Do not source junior-level engineers;
  • Conduct comprehensive due diligencebefore adding a new vendor to our vetted talent pool;
  • Carefully examine every CV and interview prospective engineers;
  • Pay a lot of attention to relevant previous experience of the development team in terms of similar architecture and/or similar industries i.e. CRM, eCommerce, RTLS, ERP, PSP, etc.