Francisco M.
Location Map Pin Brazil
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Sao_Paulo)
Software and quality assurance engineer with 9 years of experience, working mainly with automated tests.
Automation skills: - Mobile: Appium with android and IOS - Web: Selennium and Cypress - Api: Postman, Newman, Httparty, Airborne,PY requests,PY test-mock, Datadog synthetic tests,JS Axios with mocha and chai - Performance: Gatling,Jmeter,Blazemeter,Locust,Datadog and PERFTEST - Contract tests: Postman, Pact with ruby and Golang - Creation and Maintenance of automated tests inside pipelines to be distruted across squads - Creation of e2e testing and complete user journey flow QA Testing management and execution (manual and automated) • Experience in dockerizing projects and test and also with CICD • BDD / TDD / DDD / GUERKIN LANGUAGE • Knowledge in AWS services and cloud • Knowledge and experience with POO and also with automation best pratices like Page objects and Page factory