Yurii T.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
Senior full-stack developer with solid knowledge of JavaScript, Typescript, Node.js, Nest.js, React.js, Redux, Angular, React Native.
I’ve been programming since school (for about 12 years already). More than ten years of commercial development experience. I lead high-level architecture decisions and design complex solutions. I was involved in the fintech app development focused on invoice insurance to protect SMEs from non-payment and bad debt write-offs. The project was acknowledged to be Insurance Provider of the Year by the British Small Business Awards 2018. What’s more, the start-up has been the first commercial insurance app to be selected for Barclays’ London-based accelerator. Also, I was engaged in crafting a community-driven social network for brands and creators. More than 35.000 top influencers have already joined the community so far. Forbes, Reuters, and Adweek published articles about the project. The network partnered with Netflix, Sotheby’s, FX, Allbirds, Brooks Brothers, Abercrombie so far. I’m a permanent mentor in the company’s internship programs.