Dženan B.
Location Map Pin Montenegro
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Podgorica)
Skilled Android developer. Kotlin and JetPack compose, with a background in Java programming.
I am Skilled Android developer. I am focused on Kotlin with a background in programming in Java. I have worked on different projects in different industries - enterprise projects, SaaS or startups. This all helps me understand the lifescale and grow as a developer. I used to play football so I love teamwork. My goal is to grow into an expert level of engineering so to achieve it, I am devoting all my time to programming. I ensure the work is written in a timely and scalable way, securing strong optimization, along with conducting the unit-test in case of robustness including edge cases, usability, and general reliability, eligible to work with remote data, and capable to create and use libraries and APIs. My analytical access gives me an advantage in dealing with time management and enables me to deliver quality features without much supervision while keeping my team in the loop.