Caio C.
Location Map Pin Brazil
Main Clock UTC-03:00 (America/Recife)
Java/SpringBoot/JavaScript/AngularJs/SQL developer with some experience in Python and VueJs
- At NTI, I managed to create lots of business dashboards using ELK that helped to reduce time to solve tickets and map potential bottlenecks in our workflow - At Bureau Works, I was in charge to develop customizations for Uber, one of their biggest clients and helped to develop a new version of our translation tool. Besides that, I developed a system to quantify and price translations done by a translator based on how much help he had from our CAT (Computer-assisted translation) tool - At Meta, I accomplished to migrate an outdated notifications legacy software to a modern one using Java Spring Boot, MongoDB and Sales Force Marketing Cloud making it easier to maintain and give us more detailed data about the reach and use of our notification system - At Locus, I managed to work on several features for their mobile payment tool, working on integrations with other tools and customizations for big clients