Aleksandar L.
Location Map Pin Serbia
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Belgrade)
Front-end Developer specialized in: React, JavaScript and Redux, but also experienced in Sass, Bootstrap, Tailwind, CSS and JQuery.
As a React Developer, I have worked on various projects that involve creating Single Page Applications with TypeScript and JavaScript in React, and libraries from the React ecosystem such as Redux, Redux-Saga, Redux Toolkit, Redux Thunk, Zustand, etc… For the styles, I mainly use Sass and Bootstrap, but I have worked on some projects with Tailwind, and CSS. My main testing type is end2end testing with Cypress, but I also used React Testing Library. I am very ambitious and hard-working, and most of my free time is used to learn new technical skills and technologies, my main goal, for now, is to learn Back End logic with Node.js and Express with clean code architecture and dependency injection. For upgrading my way of thinking and problem-solving skills, I was researching Algorithms and Data Structures in JavaScript and TypeScript.