Viktoria A.
Location Map Pin Poland
Main Clock UTC+01:00 (Europe/Warsaw)
During her job experience, gained a wide range of practical skills working with exciting technologies and taking on challenging tasks.
During my job experience, I have gained a wide range of practical skills working with exciting technologies, taking on challenging tasks, and collaborating with skilled individuals. I have a strong background in e-commerce website development and support, which sparked my passion for the IT field. I have extensive experience working with Docker containers, Linux, TCP/IP, Python, Bash scripting, as well as cloud platforms such as Azure and AWS. I am an avid selflearner and continually strive to improve my knowledge and skills. Some specific examples of my experience and expertise include: - Developing and maintaining e-commerce websites for my own businesses - Proficient in using Docker containers to create and manage software environments - Expertise in Linux and Bash scripting to automate tasks and streamline processes - Strong understanding of TCP/IP protocols and network infrastructure - Proficient in programming with Python, a versatile and powerful language - Experience working with Azure and AWS cloud services and infrastructure to deploy and scale applications - Strong focus on self-education and a desire to constantly learn new technologies and best practices.