Oleksii A.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
Data scientist, machine learning engineer, and mathematician with a Master’s Degree in Computer Science
- I developed an IoT Animal Repeller system utilizing motion detection, object tracking, and the Kalman filter on ARM and Raspberry Pi platforms, employing Python, OpenCV, and Facebook's Detectron 2. - I contributed to a Voice Cloning project, working with technologies such as Text-to-Speech and spectrogram synthesis, and utilizing tools like Nvidia's Tacotron 2 and AWS services. - I worked on a speech-to-text model for US sports TV channels, dealing with real-time Automatic Speech Recognition, Voice Activity Detection, Speech Enhancement, multi-language ASR, and related technologies. I utilized tools such as Spark NLP, Nvidia NeMo, Microsoft Azure Speech Service, and various AWS services. - I developed a recommender system for a business dating service called Guild, incorporating machine learning techniques to match users based on their preferences and profiles. - As a personal project, I conducted research on car model classification and verification using the CompCars dataset, implementing a system to classify car models and production years from images. I utilized Python, NumPy, Theano, and OpenCV in a GPU-accelerated environment on GCP. - I have experience teaching and tutoring, having completed several online courses and specializations on Deep Learning, Sequence Models, Convolutional Neural Networks, and Hyperparameter Tuning from Coursera.