Daria M.
Location Map Pin United States
Main Clock UTC-05:00 (America/New_York)
I am an experienced Java developer with 6 years of expertise and 3 years of hands-on experience with Kotlin.
Professional Experience: Over the past years, I have been actively involved in developing the architecture for a payment aggregator, serving as an example for further integrations with various payment systems. My responsibilities included rewriting and enhancing the existing system from Scala to Java, laying the groundwork for the subsequent expansion of the team with Java developers. Additionally, I served as a mentor for new team members. I believe that communication and active participation in processes are crucial for successful task execution. My interests go beyond technical development—I also enjoy solving business problems, communicating with different teams, and actively contributing to determining strategic development directions. I am unafraid to take initiative in various challenges, tasks, and projects. My willingness to work with new technologies and approaches allows me to develop my skills continually and significantly contribute to the team process. Fintech Experience: I have good experience in backend development in the Fintech sector. My work has involved developing systems for processing payments and transactions and implementing various payment systems.