Daniel R.
Location Map Pin Moldova
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Europe/Chisinau)
A motivated full stack dev I am passionate about creating innovative, scalable and maintainable applications that offers flawless user experience.
Pharmaceutical Company For a top-tier pharmaceutical company, I built a dynamic and user- friendly admin panel. As a part of my work here, this project required skills in developing a scalable solution. Worked with a team of skilled developers; contributed primarily to front-end development using Vue.js. The panel included data visualization features, user and roles management, and operational automation, enhancing the client's overall workflow efficiency. Technologies: Vue.js, Node.js, JavaScript. Newsmaker Company Developed a complete CMS for a prominent newsmaker company that allows them to manage their online content efficiently. Contributed significantly to the back-end development using Node.js and the NestJs framework, including multiple integrations and improvements. The CMS includes functionalities for content creation, editing, publishing, and archiving, boosting the client's productivity and ensuring seamless content management. Technologies: Node.js (NestJs), Next.js, Typescript. Insurance Company Developing a CRM for a Insurance Company that allows them to manage their internal processes and easily adjust to latest changes in industry by providing a dynamic structure. Led the integration of the dynamic metadata manager with front-end part of the application. Integrated GraphQL in order to interact with dynamically created database tables. Technologies: Next.js 14, Typescript, REST, GraphQL.