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Daria K.
Last update: 24 Jun 2019
Senior iOS Developer
Daria is a Senior iOS Engineer with a distinguished experience in Science. In our Agency, she has been working for the last 6 years, coping well with her regular basis tasks. Daria is an Experienced and Well Educated developer with significant Leadership skills which she proved on her being a Lead Developer in a big bunch of Projects completed.

For the last 6 years, she completed 15 projects in completely different spheres:

- Sport Media Application for surfers;
- Fashion Social App;
- Snapchat-like App;
- Golf sports App;
- Business App;
- Field reservation App;

This is not a complete list of projects done by Daria.

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GMT+1 West/Central Europe
Las Vegas/USA, Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine, Alicante/Spain, Minsk,Grodno/Belarus



Industry Experience

Accounting & Auditing, Sports & Fitness

Product Experience

mobile social networking tool


Jan `17 – Present

2 years

Project under NDA 2

Lead Developer

Main MVP Developer.

the app which allows the employer to track working time of workers. It tracked the zones with beacons and stored enter/exit event.

Technologies Stack:

Swift Realm


Accounting & Auditing

Jan `16 – Present

3 years


iOS Lead Developer

An app that makes it easy to reserve a soccer field to play with your friends.

Technologies Stack:

Twilio Swift MapKit APNS


Jan `17 – Dec `17

11 months

Eyes Only

Lead Developer

She worked as main developer on MVP.

News application

Technologies Stack:

Swift Alamofire Firebase database

Jan `16 – Jun `17

1 year


Lead Developer

Daria worked in the team of two developers.

App for golf coaches and students. Users create videos of them playing golf and send to an assigned coach, while coaches can view, comment and give recommendations for players on how to master golf.

Technologies Stack:

Objective-C AVFoundation


Sports & Fitness

Jan `17 – Jan `17


Lead Developer

Main developer after the MVP when on the production.

Business application that connects lending companies to investors. User can filter loans data differing by country, type andoriginator to select and invest in ones matching user’s preferences, or simply set up an AutoInvest portfolio, and system will do the rest.

Technologies Stack:

Google Analytics Swift Alamofire

Jan `16 – Jan `17

1 year


Lead Developer

Main developer from the stage of redesign and adding new features: storing and showing photos and videos, receiving notifications etc

Heyya is a mobile application for sharing your photos to friends. You can add stickers, text on images. Each user have a own legend which lasts 60 minutes. But you can take part of any your friend legend.

Technologies Stack:

Objective-C AFNetworking AVFoundation


mobile social networking tool

Jan `15 – Jan `16

1 year

Project under NDA 1

Lead MVP Developer.

Social network for people who love active sport. The app allows to post photos and videos, add locations, plan events.

Technologies Stack:

Objective-C AFNetworking MapKit Facebook SDK


Sports & Fitness


Zaporozhie National Technical University

PhD in Electronics and Communications

Web & mobile development agency #147

Las Vegas/USA, Dnepropetrovsk/Ukraine, Alicante/Spain, Minsk,Grodno/Belarus


Education & Science, Logistics & Transportation, Entertainment & Games, Construction & Real estate, Human Resources & Career, Sports & Fitness, Advertising & Marketing, News & Media, Statistics & Atalytics, Fashion & Style, Healthcare & Medicine, Safety & Security, Audio & Music, Environmental Activism & Social Organisations

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