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Sergey S.
Last update: 12 Jul 2019
C++ native developer
Full cycle product development experience: from architecture creation to installation
• Linux Native (C++) - aplications and daemons (POSIX, STL, BOOST, QT/QML, GRPC, BASH)
• Linux Kernel (C) – kernel module implementation
• Virtualization technology – libvirt, libguestfs, qemu
Unit test and Auto test experience (Google C++ Testing Framework, Google Mock)
Database design experience: MS SQL, MySql, (binding with c++, using SOCI library)
Using object-oriented methodology and system analysis, multi-threading, inter-process communication
GDB and WinDBG experience: debugging, memory dumps analyzing, reverse engineering
Static and dynamic code analyzers experience (Valgrind, cppcheck, clang, sonar): memory leaks and other error analyzing
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
GMT+2 East Europe
Kyiv/Ukraine, Dnipro/Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya/Ukraine, DE/US


Protect and manage virtualization environment based on QEMU/libvirt

software developer/

Unit tests for the rule logics, MySql database queries, disk parser, PE parser, etc. Hard disk parser (MBR, GPT, LDM). rule logic for protection guest OS, inter-process communication(grpc). DB support in product based on MySQL (with SOCI library) Windows driver checker in project, written easy ASN1 parser Portable Executable (PE) binary parser. Linux Kernel module, hook of filesystem operations added cmake support to the project researching the load binary hooks in Linux kernel bug fix

Protect and manage virtualization environment based on QEMU/libvirt

Technologies Stack:

MySQL Parse Windows Bug fixing Unit Tests

Development of software for fire extinguishing and smoke removal embedded systems.

Embedded applications developer

• Have extensive experience with interfaces Ethernet, USB, SPI and RS485. • Used multitasking real-time operating system scmRTOS, TCP / IP-stack LwIP, compression of audio packets using the Speex library. • worked with AVR and STM microcontroller.

Development of software for fire extinguishing and smoke removal embedded systems.

Technologies Stack:

Microcontroller Programming AVR


Chernihiv National University of Technology

Master of science in Electronic systems

Cybersecurity&Virtualization agency #336

Cybersecurity, virtualization, cloud computing, SaaS development, Encryption as well as Machine Learning. We have accumulated significant technical skills and knowledge base thus providing our clients a competitive advantage when outsourcing software development projects to us. Blockchain smart contracts development, ML/DL/AI. Over our history, we have organically grown adding new technology domains to the team expertise and yet maintaining the same engineering, quality, and project management standards. We build long-term relations with our clients and place great care in delivery and quality. Apriorit is proud to possess expert programming skills in .NET development, C/C++, Phyton, C#, Obj-C, and other languages. Our expert knowledge in driver and kernel development domains, has been recognized by our clients and professional community.


C/C++ software developer
Full cycle product development: • Windows native (C++) applications (Win API, STL, boost) • Database design experience: SQLite, Firebird • Using object oriented methodology and system analysis, mu...
4 Projects completed
GMT+2 East Europe
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Updated: 12 Jul 2019
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Updated: 12 Jul 2019
Blockchain expert developer, Smart contract developer, Smart contracts audit
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Updated: 12 Jul 2019