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Sergey S.
United States
UTC-10:00 (America/Adak)
C++ native developer
Full cycle product development experience: from architecture creation to installation • Linux Native (C++) - aplications and daemons (POSIX, STL, BOOST, QT/QML, GRPC, BASH) • Linux Kernel (C) – kernel module implementation • Virtualization technology – libvirt, libguestfs, qemu Unit test and Auto test experience (Google C++ Testing Framework, Google Mock) Database design experience: MS SQL, MySql, (binding with c++, using SOCI library) Using object-oriented methodology and system analysis, multi-threading, inter-process communication GDB and WinDBG experience: debugging, memory dumps analyzing, reverse engineering Static and dynamic code analyzers experience (Valgrind, cppcheck, clang, sonar): memory leaks and other error analyzing