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Serhiy K.
Last update: 19 Jul 2019
ARCHITECT /team lead
.Net web developer, Android developer with expert knowledge in database development and great Project Management and Team Lead experience
I am an engineer with more than 20 years of experience. Strong web-developer with good skills in back-end and front-end development. I can create nice web applications using front-end technologies such as jQuery and back-end technologies such as Asp.Net MVC 5 and 6. I have expert knowledge in database development which includes: creation of the optimal structure of the database, development custom procedures and functions using T-SQL and C#, creating reports using MS SSRS, SQL-query optimization.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
GMT-5 USA East (ET)
Atlanta/US, Kremenchuk/Ukraine



Industry Experience

Logistics & Transportation, Mapping & Navigation, Business & Productivity, Banking & Finance, E-Commerce & Retail, Advertising & Marketing, Insurance & Risk Management, Healthcare & Medicine, Food & Drink

Product Experience

Public transport routes app, advanced GPS tracking, business web app, web application, Web applications for healthcare company, Mobile applications, Web / API


Apr `19 – May `19

1 month

Transport tracking app

Full-stack developer

I was responsible for the back-end and front-end development of the app. Writing code, fixing bugs, code review.

US startup

Transport tracking app which mostly focused on monitoring children's school routes, but also has various objectives.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS ASP.NET MVC Azure JavaScript MSSQL


Logistics & Transportation, Mapping & Navigation


Public transport routes app, advanced GPS tracking

Mar `18 – Nov `18

8 months

Full-stack developer, Team Lead

I was responsible for the development of architecture, database, front-end, and back-end of the whole web service.

Tim Baldwin, Sprout Financial LLC, Phoenix, USA

Web service for funding, that provides the technology and services to instantly pre-qualify and maximize funding for USA customers. Our developers were able to create a website with an intuitive interface and simple design in spite of the complicated business logic. The integration with Recurly and other financial systems was implemented by entering the ZIP code, the system can determine the city, state and credit rating of the client.

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET ASP.NET MVC JavaScript jQuery PostgreSQL Salesforce Google Maps API Recurly ASP.NET Web API


Business & Productivity, Banking & Finance


business web app, web application

Mar `18 – Jun `18

3 months

Tech Lead, architect, web developer

During the project, I led the team of web developers. Created application architecture and participated in the development of: - authentication server using OpenIddict - data storage server - system admin dashboard - client system site - implementation of Integration with Auth.Net

Tim Baldwin, FourThirtyAm, Phoenix, USA

Provides an easy way to collect and update clients’ data using the web interface, stores these data into Redtail CRM. Was developed two sites: one for financial advisors and second for their clients. The first site provides the possibility to configure which data should be collected from clients. The second site provides clients with a bunch of forms for filling. Currently, the system is integrated with Redtail CRM: authentication and data scope.

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET MVC JavaScript jQuery PostgreSQL .NET Framework ASP.NET Web API


E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Advertising & Marketing, Insurance & Risk Management


business web app


May `17 – Nov `17

6 months

Self-service registration solution for patients


Developed web applications that support authentication with Open Id to help prefill and store patients’ data for different medical providers. • Development of application architecture • Development of authentication server using OpenIddict • Development of data storage server • Integration application to the existed solution Technologies: ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, Message Bus, Load Balancer, MSSQL

Under NDA

Self-service registration solution (via kiosk, desktop, or mobile) that allows patients to check-in for appointments, remit payments and verifies patients’ insurance eligibility.

Technologies Stack:



Healthcare & Medicine


Web applications for healthcare company

Feb `17 – May `17

3 months

API for Processing Electronic Payments


Developed architecture of payment sub-system. Developed necessary Web-services to support mobile application Integrated payment SDK to the solution Used technologies: ASP.NET WebAPI 2, Autofac, Entity Framework, Newtonsoft.Json, Quartz.Net, Swashbuckle.Net, MS SQL Server, BaseCommerce Global Payment Gateway, Total Transact ACH.

The aim of the project was to develop an API and iOS SDK for existing web service that performs processing of instant electronic payments.

Technologies Stack:

Azure Entity Framework quartz Angular 2x MS SQL Server ASP.NET Web API Autofac


Banking & Finance

Jun `16 – May `17

11 months

Mobile Application for an American Furniture Store Chain

Xamarin Android mobile developer

I was responsible for the development of a mobile application which helps users to find nearest discounts in the stores. • Development of architecture of shared data layer for iOS and Android • Development of Android application • Development of services to communicate with Amazon S3

US retail company

A cross-platform mobile application for getting the best deals and discounts in the popular American furniture store chain. The app alerts to let users know of upcoming sales for discounts and holiday coupons. The app includes Store Locator to help a user quickly navigate to the nearest stores.

Technologies Stack:



E-Commerce & Retail


Mobile applications, web application

Jun `16 – May `17

11 months

Service for connecting different POS-terminals for processing instant payments


I was responsible for: • Development of architecture of web-service which managed assigned POS terminals • Integration of the solution with different payment systems: Micros 3700, Squirrel • Development libraries for integration with payment systems using C and JAVA - Technologies were used: C#, MS SQL Local DB, SignalR, Web API 2, Self-hosted web server, Inno installer, C, JAVA

Under NDA

The goal of the project was to develop a service to assure the exchange between different POS terminals and payment terminals that support IConnect interface, such as Micros 3700, Squirrel and Ordix, and Ingenico payment terminal. The service was successfully applied for payments in restaurants.

Technologies Stack:

C C# Java MySQL Inno Setup WebAPI


E-Commerce & Retail, Food & Drink


Web / API


KUEITU, Kremenchug

Master degree, Information technology,

Web & Mobile Development agency #129

Atlanta/US, Kremenchuk/Ukraine


Business & Productivity, E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Information services & Technologies, Entertainment & Games, Construction & Real estate, Mapping & Navigation, Sports & Fitness, Internet & Telecom, Law & Government, Shopping & Loyalty programs, Statistics & Atalytics, Travel & Tourism, Kids & Childcare, Healthcare & Medicine, Booking & Rent, Food & Drink, Books & Catalogs, Service & Support, Environmental Activism & Social Organisations

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iOS developer that able to design, implement and deliver mobile solutions
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 16 Jul 2019