$60,480 /Year
$5,040 /Month
$30 /Hour
Dmytry L.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kiev)
Front end​​ developer​​ with ​​more ​​than​​ 7 ​​years​​ of​​ experience​​ in​​structuring, developing ​​and ​​implementing​​ interactive​​ websites
​​​​I started ​​​​programming ​​when ​​is studied​​ at​​ college.​​ I ​​wanted ​​to ​​apply ​​my​​theoretical knowledge ​​in ​​practice ​​and ​​started ​​taking ​​small ​​simple ​​projects. ​​While ​​my ​​proficiency​​ was growing, ​​I ​​started ​​taking ​​bigger ​​and ​​more ​​complex​ ​projects ​​to ​​work ​​on. ​​I ​​​​acquired ​​lots ​​of​​knowledge ​​from​ ​team work ​​cooperating ​​with ​​people ​​who ​​were ​​more experienced ​​than​​me. I specialized on JS frameworks for front end development at the moment. The most favourite are Vue.js + and React.js