Vasiliy I.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Ukraine/Kyiv)
QA Ninja (React, Node.js, Angular)
Hi, My name is Vasiliy. I'm a Manual QA Engineer with an overall 3 years of job experience. During this time I’ve been taking part in different web, mobile and desktop projects. For testing I use various tools, for example, Fiddler, Charles, Stetho, BurpSuite. Moreover, I use Postman and SoapUI for API testing. By the way, I’m familiar with Selenium WebDriver, CSS/Xpath selectors. I have basic knowledge of Java and JavaScript programming languages because it’s a great way to improve my skillset. It teaches me how to think logically and solve problems. Testing for me is about looking at a product from different angles and with different perspectives, not only finding and tracking the bugs. I believe that it’s contribution in improvements to the product quality. And I am sure that a successful QA Engineer should be responsible for the quality of the product at each development stage, so I get involved in the project as early as it’s possible.