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Paul E.
A strong and experienced Unity Developer and tech lead with extensive set of skills and background in C# and Android
Higher Education Computer Science
20% discount on yearly basis
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Core technologies

Unity or Unity3D 5 years
C# 5 years
.NET 3 years
SQL 3 years
ARCore 4 years
ARKit 4 years

Other technologies


Portfolio Highlights

Nov `17 – Oct `18
11 months


Allo virtual store is a revolutionary AR-based shopping experience created for one of the biggest Ukrainian electronics retailers for expanding the product line and starting the WOW marketing campaign. The door to the virtual store leads to the fully virtual environment where clients can see all the products in detail. 3D models of home appliances are created with 100% precision so the 3D model of a washing machine is not different from the washing machine in reality.

Tech lead

Backend, Code review, Client architecture, Project architecture, Animation, Models App release

Oct `17 – Jan `18
3 months


We created this application to make the learning process of the school subjects more understandable and simple due to visualization in 3D, interactive games and the effect of a full immersion in the subject of study. ARSchool is n AR-based application built on ARKIt technology which allows you to track the environment around you and place the digital content on real horizontal surfaces.

Tech lead

Participated in development of the app starting from project architecture, ending with 3D models implementation, along with code review, backend, visual effects.

May `17 – Aug `17
3 months


We built a bright AR application for the marketing campaign for a Danone yogurt. It helped the company to improve communication with customers making it more interactive and emotional. This AR app or iOS and Android became one of the most popular mobile apps on App Store in the family category. It proved that augmented reality advertising can be engaging and emotional and can evoke natural interest in the target audience of all ages.

Tech lead

Code review, Client architecture, Project architecture, Special and visual effects, Animation

Feb `17 – Apr `17
2 months


We created the marker-based AR app that, when being scanned, unfolded visual and audial information about the oil extraction equipment. The app also included the mode allowing a presenter to broadcast the video with the app and showcase the photos on the big screen adding commentary.

Tech lead

Project architecture, code review, UI, 3D implementation


About me

Senior Unity Developer with 5 years of experience in different projects. Along with the main set of technological skills, Paul is a tech artist, who worked with light and environment solutions as well as animation. He has great lead ambitions and skills, knows how to work effectively as part of the team. Dedicated and resourceful specialist with background in C# and Android. Wide variety of skills he has helps him create unique solutions for every project.

AR/VR agency #397

Core Expertise
3D Animation
Architecture & Design, Education & Science, E-Commerce & Retail, Advertising & Marketing, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare & Medicine, Automotive
We are developing mobile apps and solutions with augmented and virtual reality technologies for mobile platforms (IOS, Android), eyewear devices and VR headsets. Our big dream and mission are to implement AR and VR technologies into the everyday common life, developing apps which are changing people’s mind flow and turn upside down the way they do PR, sales, education, advertising, events and entertainment. We are open to new possibilities and collaboration with new partners. So feel free to contact us at any time!