Dmitriy S.
Location Map Pin Russia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Europe/Moscow)
iOS Engineer with a passion for innovation
My main specialization is iOS development, but I am not looking only in Apple ecosystem and interested in other technologies. I like to make the world better using innovative methods, techniques and of course great ideas. In my spare time, I don't stop my education, read technical books and articles. I can associate themselves with such activities as caving, climbing, and tracking. Also, I am a public member of a mountain rescue team. Key Skills -Objective-C -Swift -iOS SDK, WatchOS SDK, Firebase, Adobe Mobile SDK, Swagger -In-App purchase, APNS, Application security, KVO, KVC -Software Design Patterns -Object Oriented programming -Service Oriented architecture -Client-server programming -Agile Methodologies -GraphQL, REST, SOAP -Concurency/Multithreading: GCD, NSOperation -DB: Core Data, SQLite, Realm -CI/DI: Fastlane, Jenkins, Teamcity, Fabric, Testflight -Package Managers: Cocoapods, SPM, Cartagee -VCS: Git, CSV