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Andriy T.
Last update: 21 Nov 2018
Skilled full-stack developer for complex projects
Honest, competent, highly-skilled and attentive to details developer. He is always hungry for learning and growth. He wants to build world-class software that impacts other peoples lives.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 10% discount
10% discount on yearly basis
Usually responds within 1 hour
GMT+3 Middle East


Industry Experience

Business & Productivity, Social Media & Communication, Sports & Fitness

Product Experience

Social network app for dating, Analytics


Jun `18 – Oct `18

4 months

Widgets to verify user

Full stack developer

Widgets that everyone can set up on own web site to verify customer’s name, age, address, or other information. It is a solution for small business and for large corporates. It is possible to check users and avoid fraud. To add a widget to the web site, user do not need any technical skills. This solution has much more features and provide different levels of verifying for various membership plans - from SMS code sending to video verification.

Technologies Stack:

Node.js PostgreSQL React.js Stripe Twilio OAuth ORM Redis PgAdmin Docker Redux AWS SDK Lodash


Business & Productivity


Jan `18 – Jul `18

6 months

Mobile application for social network

Full stack developer

It is cross-platform mobile application, some kind of social network for communication and creating events. Each user has own account and can create events and put them to the map - board games, practice yoga in the park, hiking and so on. It is possible to join these events. To receive notifications, user need to subscribe to news from other.

Technologies Stack:

MongoDB Node.js React Native Redux Mongoose


Social Media & Communication


Social network app for dating


Nov `17 – Feb `18

3 months

Desktop application for teachers to prepare tasks

Front-end developer

The main part of the application is text editor where user can paste or type text, add different styles for each paragraph or make quote. It is possible to make part of text bold, italic or underlined. There are three tabs - Editor, Highlight, and Quiz. User can highlight text by different colors in editor and when he moves to second tab, only parts with colors will appear. By clicking on colors, the user can manage which parts should be shown.

Technologies Stack:

React Native Redux


Mar `17 – Nov `17

8 months

Soccer analytic platform

Full stack developer

It is a CRM, that is used to record and track all data from games, teams, championships and seasons. There are two types of users - admin and coder. User can enter pre match data, upload football match video and then enter actions using hot keys and different widgets. We added a lot of actions, like pass, goal, shot, foul, etc and attributes for them, and then made sure that they are calculated correctly. Distances, angles, the player and goalkeeper coordinates are also calculated.

Technologies Stack:

MongoDB Node.js React.js Redux Mongoose Axios


Sports & Fitness



Jan `17 – Apr `17

3 months

Platform for analyzing disease

Back-end developer

This tool can be used to obtain disease associated gene information and the crosstalk with other diseases through PPI networks. The interactions are provided with graphical interface that may provide the user with better insight about the critical genes that play multiple roles in manifesting different pathological conditions.

Technologies Stack:

MongoDB Node.js CircleCI Pug Mongoose

Aug `16 – Dec `16

4 months

Web and mobile app for hospital

Back end developer

It is used by admin, staff and their patients. The patient can do the request and then online video consultation. The staff can chat and do conferences. Member ship and golden plans are available.

Technologies Stack:

MongoDB Node.js Mongoose

Oct `18 – Dec `18

2 months

Platform for investing money

Front end developer

It is a platform to help find investors for your project, or if you are an investor and want to invest money, you could use this application to find some interesting projects, know more about them and finally, invest money!

Technologies Stack:

React Native Redux RxJS GraphQL


Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Bachelor degree / Applied Mathematics

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Master degree / Applied Mathematics

Lviv/Ukraine agency #401



E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Entertainment & Games, News & Media

Software development company Incora can impress you by quality and creativity. We cooperate with clients all over the world and finding solutions for start-ups and improving large, successful projects. There are three important “I” principles in our work: - Individuality (each project is special and we do not need to try finding common solutions for all tasks) - Improvements (only if you always want to have more skills and knowledge, you can move further) - Inspiration (we want to inspire other and to be inspired).