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Peter I.
Last update: 07 Jan 2019
Senior backend & frontend developer
Peter is a skilled web frontend & backend expert with proven track record of being an excellent team member on complex multiplatform projects. He has 5+ years of experience working in SCRUM with technologies like PHP (Zend, Phalcon, Laravel, Symfony) Java, Node.js, Angular, MVC and also a sizable knowledge of Express.js, SASS, Gitlab and Python. One of Peter's strong suit is to understand business needs and translate them into complex solutions
with stellar efficiency.
Usually responds within 1 hour
GMT+13 Pacific West


Industry Experience

Advertising & Marketing, Big Data, E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance

Product Experience

Platform for creating digital advertising reports, Chatbot, business web app


Mar `16 – Nov `18

2 years

Digital transformation platform

Backend developer

Designing BE, implementing BE web-services and functions.

American Digital Transformation Agency

One of the largest digital transformation agency’s internal platform is created to assist their client’s digitalization. The main features of the system: Crawler module for collecting information about the client's digital imprint Benchmark module to evaluate the client’s score with cutting edge visualization Roadmap building module to create a digitization plan consisting of prioritized steps.

Technologies Stack:

AWS MongoDB Node.js PostgreSQL Elasticsearch REST Angular 1x Kibana Logstash


Advertising & Marketing, Big Data


Platform for creating digital advertising reports

Jan `17 – Aug `18

1 year

Chatbot platform

Software Developer

Designing architecture, designing and implementing database schemes, implementing BE web-services and business logic, developing web FE application

Our company's very own chatbot platform designed to serve industrial clients, concentrating on aiding sales processes.

Technologies Stack:

Java Spring


E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Big Data



Nov `18 – Apr `17

1 year

Catering web app

Backend developer

Designing BE, implementing BE web-services and functions

Web based catering app for a world-wide known marketing agency to handle beverage ordering in meeting rooms.

Technologies Stack:

AWS Java Kotlin Node.js PostgreSQL React.js Spring Ubuntu Nginx REST Docker Redux


Advertising & Marketing


business web app


Széchenyi István University

Engineering Informatics TEchnology BSc

Design & Software development agency #393

We are innovators in developing next tech digital experiences - developing and applying new/emerging B2C and B2B mobile, web, digital technologies and apps in powerful ways