Viktor P.
Location Map Pin United States
Main Clock UTC-10:00 (America/Adak)
Ruby on Rails & Spree developer with an appetite for optimization
My name is Victor, and I'm a Ruby Backend developer, computer geek, and loving father. My point is attention to details and urge to optimization. I never pass up on an opportunity to improve my mastery. I have been developing on Ruby for 4 years. During this time I got good skills in data scraping, performance optimizations and e-commerce. I spend my spare time with family, read tons of technical literature, enjoy fishing and playing poker. Key Skills - Ruby/Rails - Ruby ecosystem - TDD/BDD for ruby: Test::Unit, Minitest, RSpec, Cucumber - Javascript - Shell and related tools - PostgreSQL, MySQL - Elasticsearch, Redis - Linux (focus on major distributions) - Docker - Kubernetes - Ansible - Nginx / Apache / Passenger - JSON / SOAP - Python - Git - Spree Commerce - Shopify