Alexey B.
Location Map Pin Russia
Main Clock UTC+04:00 (Europe/Moscow)
Middle Ruby on Rails developer, Spree Commerce Expert
I'm a software engineer and I'm glad to be working for JetRuby. I've undertaken programming 4 years ago , during this period I've worked with various programming languages to name a few - Ruby on Rails, React, Spree Commerce and so forth. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, watching movies and more importantly, I read blogs, books and magazines that cover modern technical approaches. Key Skills - Ruby/Rails - Ruby ecosystem - TDD/BDD for ruby: Test::Unit, Minitest, RSpec - REST API - Javascript - React, Redux / Vue / WebPack - Shell and related tools - PostgreSQL, MySQL - Elasticsearch, Redis - Linux (focus on major distributions) - Docker - AWS - Git - Python - Spree Commerce - Solidus - Shopify