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Yuriy C.
Available: 29 May 2018
SENIOR /team lead
Back-end developer, focused on Cloud solutions for IoT and Mobile
Has 5 years experience in Web and Cloud solutions development. Participated in numerous IoT and Mobile projects as a lead developer.
English: Intermediate
Lviv/Ukraine, London/United Kingdom


Industry Experience

Social Media & Communication, Healthcare & Medicine, Logistics & Transportation

Product Experience

Fleet management system, Patient records management, Learning management system


Aug `15 – Jan `17

1 year

Fleet management platform

Senior web developer, team lead

CMS&API to support custom Android mobile client (Laravel PHP Framework); custom Push Notification system/chat (XMPP); search engine (Scout, Algolia, Elasticsearch), job queue (Redis)

California-based startup company

Platform for commercial vehicle tracking/job management solution.

Technologies Stack:

Elasticsearch Redis XMPP


Social Media & Communication


Fleet management system

Sep `14 – Jul `15

10 months

Health-care solution

Senior web developer

Laravel PHP Framework, Highcharts.js, Backbone JS, Custom data encryption for HIPAA Compliance

US-based software development company

Innovative cloud-based technology which helps users to controls their daily medical data measurements (CMS&API)

Technologies Stack:

Backbone.js Highcharts Laravel Framework


Healthcare & Medicine


Patient records management

Jul `13 – Aug `14

1 year

E-Learning platform for Car Dealerships

Senior web developer

Kohana PHP framework, Importing huge amout of market data (MS SQL, MySQL), Analytics, Localization

UK-based agency

Couple of projects dedicated to management of car data used by the Android/iOS/Browser versions of client application. CMS&API for managing and supporting 28 localizations for different markets.

Technologies Stack:



Logistics & Transportation


Learning management system


Lviv Polytechnic National University

Master’s degree – Computer Science

Web, Mobile & IoT development agency #131

Lviv/Ukraine, London/United Kingdom


Logistics & Transportation, E-Commerce & Retail, Social Media & Communication, Travel & Tourism, Healthcare & Medicine, Electronics & Equipment

IoT development, Mobile app development, Web development


Android developer with 4+ years' experience; Class D chess player
Android mobile app developer working with Android SDK and Java. Previous experience in development of small- to medium-size Service Applications. As a good team player, was on many occasions a part o...
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Updated: 19 Feb 2018
Senior Android Engineer with 6 years experience
Setdar has 6 years experience in Mobile development. Started with cross-platform mobile development then decided to focus on Android. Has a minor experience in iOS development (Objective - C, Swift).
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Updated: 14 May 2018
iOS Engineer
Serhiy has over 5 years’ experience in Mobile development. Participated in numerous projects as a developer or lead developer. Has strong knowledge in design and development of uber-like apps. Solid s...
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Updated: 25 May 2018
Drupal Expert and Team Lead
Has over 7 years’ experience in Web development. Participated in numerous web projects as a lead developer and project manager. Has strong knowledge of open source web technologies stack. Roman has b...
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Updated: 18 Jan 2018
Embedded Software Engineer
Has over 6 years experience in C, C++ programing and embedded software/linux driver development. Participated in numerous embedded system projects as a developer.
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Updated: 19 Feb 2018
iOS developer and Team leader
IT engineer with over seven years experience, five of them developing native iOS applications. Has strong technical background and great communication skills.
English: Advanced
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Updated: 17 Apr 2018
Front-end and back-end developer, focused on Progressive Web Apps
I like working on interesting and challenging projects, implementing solutions for best user and editor experience. During my career I’ve been working with various projects in different areas - from e...
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Updated: 18 Jan 2018