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Dmitriy M.
Last update: 04 Jan 2019
ARCHITECT /team lead
JavaScript Full Stack Architect. Angular Expert and author of ngx-restangular with 650+ stars on GitHub. React Native, Ionic Mobile App Developer.
My job is to convert your ideas into a high quality, reliable and mobile-friendly web app. With expertise in multiple business domains (SaaS, B2B/B2C marketplaces, marketing platforms) I really care to deliver functional and well-performing applications, that meet defined business goals.

Facts about me:
- Author and maintainer of the open source Angular 2+ project (650+ Github stars), called Ngx-Restangular
- Interviewed by Financial Times about freelance and web application engineering -
- Love basketball, reading, and well-cooked medium rare steak. :)

If you have an idea, or a clear vision of your application functionality and need assistance to translate it into a real-life product - don’t hesitate to contact me.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
GMT+2 East Europe



Industry Experience

Business & Productivity, Statistics & Atalytics, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Product Experience

Polling and voting


Feb `18 – Present

11 months

Rewala - group decision making app (

Project Leader


The user-friendly mobile application, that grants fast communication between your friends, family, and co-workers to evaluate suggested options.

Technologies Stack:

JavaScript Node.js React.js React Native TypeScript RxJS Nest GraphQL


Business & Productivity, Statistics & Atalytics, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


Polling and voting


Jan `17 – Present

2 years

Angular open-source project ngx-restangular (has 650+ stars on Github)

Tech Lead

Author and maintainer with strategic vision

Angular open-source community

Angular open source project for consuming REST API data

Technologies Stack:

Node.js TypeScript REST Angular 2x Angular 4 RxJS Angular 7



Zaporizhia National Technical University

Master Degree

JavaScript Web App Development agency #517



Education & Science, E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Entertainment & Games, Advertising & Marketing, Booking & Rent, Audio & Music, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Automotive

Our team delivers best practices both from product and tech development. We contributed Angular specialization and technical skills to open source - our project - NGX-restangular got over 650 stars there moreover thousands of MVP and start-ups used it in their Angular 2/4/5/6/7 based projects ( Having 10+ years of technical expertise in frontend we shift Angular paradigm to Backend Development using Nestjs and GraphQL along with other frameworks. Our approach is to use complex method for projects development starting from the startup idea discussion, MVP conclusion, and both web/app development plus UI/UX design delivery. We support our client's strategic initiatives first and foremost through open collaboration, forward-thinking user experience, engaging design, and cross-platform development for web and mobile projects to fit any industry and business idea.


All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 08 Jan 2019
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
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Updated: 08 Jan 2019