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Viktor M.
Last update: 15 Jul 2019
Automation QA Engineer | Ruby | Python | C/C++ | JavaScript
QA Engineer and Test Automation with 5+ years of experience developing Test Strategy Plans, Test Cases, Test Scenarios and Test Reports. Experienced in team management. Also have experience in building automation frameworks and optimizing of existing ones in different languages and technology stacks, UI and API automation, Ruby, Python, JS, and Java.

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Industry Experience

News & Media, Social Media & Communication


Aug `18 – Present

11 months

NDA Project

Automation QA Engineer

Hi. We signed the NDA with our partner. We helped to decrease resources via Automation Testing.

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News & Media


Jan `19 – Jul `19

6 months

The project is under the NDA

Automation QA Engineer

We are helping our client in building automation QA process. It's saving his budget during testing. In addition, we help to build a good CI process. This project is under NDA. So, we can't share any info. We respect our clients and agreement.

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Social Media & Communication




Master’s degree in Software Engineering

Software testing partner QA QC agency #421



Architecture & Design, Business & Productivity, E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Information services & Technologies, Construction & Real estate, Advertising & Marketing, Fashion & Style, Healthcare & Medicine, Accounting & Auditing, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity & Data Protection, Data Science & Machine Learning

WE HELP: - Find functional \ performance \ security issues in your app before your clients find them - Inject QA process into a development team - Launch a project to production without Major issues and respecting your deadlines - Decrease spending money on in-house QA - Compatibility testing on different platforms/devices - To be sure that product is ready to be launched to a production - Raise your client retention Working with us YOU WILL - Get full QA support from our side - Save up to 40% of the budget, time and efforts comparing to on-site experts or IT consulting - Get a free estimation of your project during 24 hours - Daily/weekly/final reports about the progress of testing - Get a bugfree product on releases