Kostiantyn B.
Location Map Pin Ukraine
Main Clock UTC+02:00 (Europe/Kyiv)
Qt C\C++ Full-stack developer
A hard-working and highly proficient engineer Kostyantyn has been working in commercial software development since 2010. Kostyantyn started his career with embedded systems projects based on AVR and ARM microcontrollers, for industrial devices. He was using C/C++ programming language, Qt library, and embedded Linux OS. His responsibilities included software development as well as preparation technical documentation for the manufacturer of electronic devices. Also he has a team-lead experience. Since 2012 Kostyantyn was switched to the mobile development, and started as IOS developer and continued as Android developer further. Kostyantyn has proven experience in software development as a team member as well as technical lead. At this moment he's focused on the mobile development for the Android based devices and looking for new challenging projects.