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Volodymyr S.
Last update: 12 Jul 2019
ARCHITECT /team lead
Led the team that completely redesigned an e-shop for ToysЯUs. Increased e-shop CTR by 20% and slashed an average page speed from 10 to 3 sec.
Expert in React-based solutions focusing on performance, scalability, and maintainability. Ten years of experience in designing and building responsive user interfaces and robust JavaScript applications.

Experience in full-stack development (Javascript + Node.js) and web site building with HTML/CSS generated layouts using the Agile methodology.

As a leader, spent 2 years leading front-end teams (up to 12 people) in various projects.
GMT+2 East Europe


Industry Experience

E-Commerce & Retail


May `17 – Jul `18

1 year

Redesign of e-commerce shop

Senior UI Engineer, Team Lead

Responsibilities: ● Rebuilding outdated e-commerce site with new technology stack (Node/Express with SSR, React/Redux, Recompose, SASS, Webpack) ● Leading the UI team onsite Achievements: ● Full site responsive redesign and rebranding ● Site performance improvement by 50% ● As a result, sales conversion increased by 20%


Redesign of ToysЯUs e-commerce shop, which Increased online store’s conversion rate by 20% and slashed an average page speed from 10 to 3 seconds.

Technologies Stack:

Express.js Node.js React.js Sass Webpack Redux


E-Commerce & Retail


Lviv Polytechnic National University

Bachelor's degree in Electrical engineering and electrical technologies; Master’s degree in Electromechanics

Dedicated Teams, E-commerce agency #343

Laser Focused Solutions is a premium IT company designing and developing complex websites and applications, building, customizing and implementing modules, plugins for E-commerce platforms such as Magento, Demandware, Hybris, Big Commerce, Shopify. Laser Focused Solutions goes with the times and runs projects on Blockchain platforms, builds out e-wallets, smart contracts, writes white papers, does post ICO Blockchain development and provides post ICO Services, etc. We build Inspired Dedicated Dream Teams that provide Product Development and Support Services. Additionally, we can offer experienced L1/L2/L3 service desk for your product or services users or clients available 24/7*365. Our key clients are big Canadian, American, English, German, Indonesians players. If you need a team of committed drivers who love to take ownership and new challenges - hire us!


I love creative solutions in design. Tidiness during development and clean code.
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Updated: 12 Jul 2019
Highly motivated front-end developer
I am highly motivated front-end developer with 3 years of experience. I have a grasp of front-end technologies including interpreting graphic visuals and designs in development languages HTML, CSS, Ja...
2 Projects completed
GMT+2 East Europe
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Updated: 12 Jul 2019
QA specialist with strong problem-solving and communication skills.
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Updated: 12 Jul 2019