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Aleksandr Y.
Last update: 11 Mar 2019
Java Dev and Software Engineer with 10 years proven expertise in object-oriented analysis and design
He prefers to use the best practices as TDD, DDD, SOA, event-driven, his code is usually covered with tests to 80%. As well he has experience with functional programming, reactive stream API and reactive libraries.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
Usually responds within 1 hour
GMT+2 East Europe


Jul `14 – Present

4 years

Payment systems

Full-Stack developer

• Architecture design and development • Development of drivers for devices (note receivers, dis-pensers) • UI development (for payment kiosks and merchants per-sonal accounts) • Development of server-side

Development of payment systems (anti-fraud / gateways / kiosks payment etc.)

Technologies Stack:

Embedded Systems JPA REST Angular 2x RabbitMQ Spring Data Docker

May `13 – Jun `14

1 year

An application for data processing

Java developer

• Server side: apache karaf • Integration framework: apache camel 3. DTO: JAXB • ORM: Hibernate • CDI: Spring IoC • DM: Spring DM • Client side: Apache CXF(RESTFull) • Salesforce API

German customer

Data aggregation and jasper reports construction

Technologies Stack:

Hibernate Salesforce Spring Apache Camel Apache CXF Apache Kafka JAXB RESTful API

Jun `12 – May `13

11 months

Madical app

Java developer

• Server side: server - Jboss, MVC framefork is the SEAM • Client side: JSF • ORM: hibernate • EJB beans • Testing: Junit + Mockito

Medical social network

Technologies Stack:

Hibernate Java JBoss JUnit Mockito MVC Framework

Jul `11 – Jun `12

11 months

A cluster fault-tolerant system

Java developer

• Architecture design modules • Developing cache provider based infinispan - asynchro-nous replication, strict consistency • Development of game engines • Writing tests - Junit + Mockito • Development query parser – JAXB • Development renderers based Stringtemplate

Development of a cluster fault-tolerant system for online games

Technologies Stack:

Java JAXB JUnit Mockito


Institute of Business Faculty

Bachelor, Information technologies

Web development agency #450

Software engineering company which provides high-quality services in web development for start-ups, digital agencies and enterprises. Our Techstack: - Front-end (JavaScript, React, Angular, Vue) - Back-end (Java, Python, Node.js, PHP) - E-commerce (CMS Magento) - UI / UX