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Andrew P.
Last update: 19 Feb 2019
ARCHITECT /team lead
Lead Node.js Javascript Fullstack Software Engineer/Architect
• Strong core NodeJs and .NET development end everything related.
• Ability to develop creative solutions for complex problems.
• Having the judgment necessary to choose the best solution to complex problems.
• Detailed practical understanding of project processes.
• Experience with application servers as well as developing and integrating web services.
Media streaming - Kurento, WebRTC; Node.js, React.js; Pugin development experience.
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
Usually responds within 1 hour
GMT+2 East Europe


Industry Experience

Mapping & Navigation, E-Commerce & Retail, Entertainment & Games, Photo & Video


May `15 – Present

4 years


Architect/Lead FullStack Software Engineer

Design and development of the systems, both from scratch server side and frontend.

Projects for various companies:,, slate, imeetiate,, etc...

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET C# Cloud Engineer CSS Express.js HTML5 JavaScript jQuery Kubernetes MongoDB .NET Node.js React.js TypeScript WebRTC Bootstrap Redis Angular 2x ES6 Firebase database Docker MSSQL WebAPI MVC

Nov `13 – Oct `15

1 year

Olympic Games

Senior Software Engineer

Design and development of the system, both serverside and frontend.

System for the registration of guests of the Olympic Games.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS ASP.NET C# CSS HTML5 JavaScript jQuery .NET Bootstrap Entity Framework MSSQL WebAPI MVC

Jul `13 – Nov `13

4 months

GPS Tracking Systems

System Architect/Developer

Design and development of gps tracking system within a C#, ASP.NET, Xamarin Android environment. Design of various parts of the system. Also requirements gathering, demonstrating software prototypes. Estimations, communications with customer's side to clarify requirements and to resolve the issues.

GPS Tracking Systems, for mobile phones and various GPS devices

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET Azure C# JavaScript SQL Asynchronous I/O Socket Programming Web Services MSSQL MVC


Mapping & Navigation

Jun `11 – Jul `13

2 years

DynamicWeb A/S

Team Lead \ .NET Software Engineer

Technical / Team lead within a C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET environment. Enhance existing applications, design of various parts of the system. Also requirements gathering, demonstrating software prototypes. Provide technical advice to internal and external customers, Analyze customer requirements and problems, then generate the most effective solutions, improve the reliability, robustness, and performance of the existing systems, Review codes by and for team colleagues, Team Leading and mentoring.


Web based Content Management System for ecommerce

Technologies Stack:

C# CSS JavaScript Microsoft Access Prototype VB.NET HTML Web Services MSSQL


E-Commerce & Retail

Oct `10 – Jun `11

8 months

Nice Systems

Senior Software Engineer

Design and implementation of the parts of the system: C++ module for transcoders and streams managing. Load balancer WCF service, which gather CPU load from the network of transcoders by means of sockets, and manage what server to use for transcoding. ASP.NET MVC page for mobile devices to select the source of video to watch.

Service for transcoding and streaming of live video from various sources to PC and Mobile Devices

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET C# C++ Component Object Model (Microsoft COM) Socket Programming Win32 App Development Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) MVC


Entertainment & Games, Photo & Video

Jul `08 – Oct `10

2 years

online casino

Senior Software Engineer

New features implementation according to designs and requirements, solving issues with customer, bug fixing, estimation. Design and development of parts responsible for Payments Creation, Definition and creation of Unit Tests.

Multi-tier web application for online casino. Deposit and cash out money via various payment systems. Server side module for handling automatic cash out payments generated by online casino players to payout through various payment systems. "Cash out Process Admin" - for monitoring and handling payouts manually.

Technologies Stack:

ASP.NET C# CSS JavaScript SQL TypeScript ADO.NET Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) NUnit Windows Forms


Entertainment & Games

IT Services and Consulting agency #489



Architecture & Design, Banking & Finance, Information services & Technologies, Internet & Telecom, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, Cybersecurity & Data Protection, Data Science & Machine Learning, Big Data

VISION: we sail in the same boat with our customers. And our concern is to convert a boat into a yacht. GOAL: create and integrate most effective and useful solutions, considering customers requests. MISSION: to simplify and automate any manipulation of the technical part, in order to grow revenue and minimize the costs. UNIQUENESS: a team of dedicated architects design all of the project tree before the start of development to anticipate difficulties and minimize the time of implementation.