$80,640 /Year
$6,720 /Month
$40 /Hour
Vadim K.
Location Map Pin Russia
Main Clock UTC+12:00 (Asia/Anadyr)
React.js / React Native / Node.js Developer
I'm a web and mobile developer with over 5 years of experience. I've been interested in the IT-sphere since school and started learning it at the University. I specialize in Node.js, it's fast, modern and comfortable technology to work with. I've also worked on front-end and I'm good at Vue.js. I'm as well keen on mobile development using React Native. I always dig into the project, try to understand it as deep as possible. I'm hard-working, always interested in the project success, ready to solve any hard issue and even stay late to complete the work. That's why I have already successfully completed several complex projects.